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Starting initially with the manufacturing of Biochemic Tissue Salts and internationally established Biocombinations, today the company is manufacturing a wide range of Mother Tinctures (close to 500 Mother Tinctures), over 1100 Dilutions in different potency levels, Trituration tablets, Alfalfa tonic, Speciality formulations for day-to-day common ailments, and range of topical Creams and Gels. Below is brief information on Schwabe Speciality Formulation.

• Alfalfa Tonic- three variants, General for all, Sugar-free for diabetics and Syrup based for children
• Alpha range for ailments like cough, acidity, liver disorders, sinusitis etc.
• Pentarkan range of products for the management of BPH, renal calculi, asthma, BP, piles etc.
• Kindi range, specially formulated for common day-to-day ailments in children
• Topi range of topical creams/gel for joint pains, psoriasis, acne, piles, eczema, warts etc.
• 1X tablets range for lifestyle ailments like stress, lack of concentration, BP, blood sugar etc.
• Other Specialities range for problems like heart disease, obesity, blood pressure, menopause, etc.