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Embrace Homeopathy for all Diseases!

The homeopathic concept of disease differs startlingly from the conventional or materialistic concept of disease. In homeopathy diseases are the end products in a morbidly affected and disturbed individual. This means that for a person to end up with a disease not only are the causative factors responsible, but the individual’s own vital processes also need to be dysfunctional. To extrapolate it means that it is not merely one organ or one part of the person that is affected but it is the entire economy of the person that is sick. Thus, disease is not something material but a disturbance of the very essence of a person. Therefore, the process of understanding the diseases cured by homeopathy requires not only the study of disease pathology but also the study of the person as a whole. Individual people manifest individual symptoms of the apparently same disease.

It is difficult to classify disease wise homeopathic remedies because the same remedy may be indicated in a vast range of diseases; however, a person suffering from the same disease may require a different remedy altogether. That being said a variety of tonics, ointments, combinations, etc. are manufactured by Schwabe India that complement healing in specific conditions and are prescribed to enhance the curative process. These medicinal substances are safe to use for people of all ages and in all stages of life. They do not retard the treatment being carried out and nor do they interfere with the action of other remedies. They can be purchased on directions of your physician and safely used for an extended period of time.

In homeopathy treatment for skin diseases is highly effective and permanent. This is because rather than suppressing the disease with steroidal applications it is cured on the basis of homeopathic principles. If your doctor has prescribed a homeopathic medicine for skin disease you can certainly find it in the inventory of medicines manufactured by Schwabe India. Some medicines with curative effect on skin disorders are Biocombination No. 20, Graphites Pentarkan, Topi Azadirachta cream, Topi Heal cream and Topi Thuja cream. For hair problems B&T anti-dandruff oil and B&T Arnica oil are highly effective.

In case of liver pathologies, one has the option of undergoing safe and natural treatment with Schwabe India’s range of homeopathic medicine for liver disease. Alpha-Liv, Alpha-Acid, Alpha-DP are some such medicines that have been proven to have exemplary results. Interestingly, a variety of medicines are also available to improve general health and boost immunity. One of these is the Alfalfa Tonic (general, diabetic and pediatric). Each of these tonics has is own sphere of action namely for general conditions, in the case of diabetics, and for children. They are safe to consume and are routinely prescribed in persons recovering from some chronic illnesses.

Gum disease is a common problem among people of all ages and can be reliably treated with homeopathy. Much benefit is obtained from homeopathic medicine for gum disease and a variety of gum issues like gingivitis, gum infections and bleeding can be controlled. Homeopathy for gum disease has been known to clear out infections and effectively deals with the accompanying issue of mouth odor. Of course, adequate diet and nutrition play a significant role in the maintenance of healthy gums and strong teeth. The role of vitamins and minerals in supporting oral health cannot be neglected at any cost. In children oral health and hygiene can also be facilitated by using Chamodent by Schwabe India that effectively tackles teething issues and associated complaints.

One can also safely employ homeopathy for heart disease. In today’s day and age a significant rise in heart problems and associated complaints such as hypertension, diabetes, stroke, obesity and kidney troubles is being noted. The causes for this increasing incidence are multifactorial. Rampant pollution, an inactive and sedentary lifestyle, poor eating habits together with the high amounts of modern life stress are all implicated in such non-communicable diseases. Such conditions require not only medicinal management but an active change and control of one’s lifestyle. A large number of conscious decisions regarding diet, exercise, work, etc. need to be taken before positive effects of the medicine can be ascertained. In homeopathy, the medicinal aspect of managing these conditions can be effectively taken care of. Homeopathy has a great range of medicines with positive effects on the cardiovascular system from acute chest pains to chronic heart disease. One must never ignore the symptoms of heart disease but swiftly approach a qualified physician for diagnosis and treatment.

Since the advent of modern era a surprisingly high incidence of kidney diseases is being reported. Kidneys get damaged for a variety of reasons from poor diet, unchecked high blood pressure, different types of medicines to poor water intake. It is imperative to tackle kidney dysfunction at an early stage, otherwise the condition may progress to renal failure which may be very difficult to manage. In such conditions dialysis becomes necessary and comes with its own set of troubles and complications. Such an end stage can be avoided if adequate steps are taken at an initial stage of pathology. For chronic kidney disease homeopathy has shown positive results time and again. You can adopt homeopathy in kidney disease just as safely as in other disorders.

It is necessary to understand that like any other scientific system of medicine homeopathy is an exact science. It has its own set of principles, guidelines and concepts. These can best be understood and employed by qualified homeopathic doctors. For any and all ailments consult a homeopathic physician to seek out professional medical advice.