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GMP in Homeopathy

What is GMP?
In July 1969, WHO (World Health Organization) at its 22nd Health Assembly laid the importance of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) which has been well accepted worldwide and became a common practice in the pharmaceutical industry. GMP offers guidelines & standards for manufacturing process & premises. It details standards on location, surrounding, building, plant & equipment, quality control, raw material, procedures, etc. to ensure that the consumer gets high quality products as per the prescribed standards laid by the Govt.

Why GMP?
Every consumer is entitled to receive medicines of the Best Quality, thus value for his/her money. The liability of quality lies with the manufacturer, who is bound to keep documented proof for the same.

GMP in Homoeopathy
In October 2006 the Government of India notified G.M.P. rules for all Homoeopathic manufacturers. Subsequently it came to effect from November 2008. Any contamination not only reduces the efficacy of the product but can even be detrimental to its action since in Homoeopathy the therapeutic doses are very minute. Extreme cleanliness is an absolute necessity during Homoeopathy manufacturing.

How do we help?
Dr. Willmar Schwabe India Pvt. Ltd. follows the stringent WHO & Govt. of India standards of GMP. Our quality control standards are stricter than the Government guidelines and extend all the way from the raw material procurement to the packing stage. The medicines produced at the plant are at par with world’s best quality. Each product is documented and analyzed to ensure total quality. Medicines at the Schwabe factory are produced in a clean environment, observing the highest degree of hygiene and sanitation, as per GMP guidelines.

What should consumer do?

  • Consumer has right to get value for the money spent and should check for ‘Schwabe’ logos in the product they purchase.
  • Consumer has right to get the high quality medicines and should look for the date of manufacturing and expiry.