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Minor Burns

Healing Minor Burns Naturally with Homeopathy


Burns and scalds are a part and parcel of everyday life. Anyone who works in the kitchen bears witness to the fact that where there is cooking, there would be some burns. One can also receive burns on the leg from motorcycle silencers, while handling hot items, in the bathroom with scalding hot water, working with certain machinery, etc. Chemical burns also occur when a person handles strongly corrosive acids or other dangerous substances. Children are more prone to scalds as they come in contact with hot water or other hot liquids. Burns may also happen when one is exposed to electricity and electrical shock. These burns may not be easily visible but cause widespread damage to internal organs. Burns also occur when a person is exposed for long duration to radiation, be it from the sun rays or from artificial sources such as x-rays. Thus, sun damage is also a type of burn that causes redness, pains and inflammation of the skin. Exposure to fires cause deep and vast burns that can be deadly. It is true that for serious and widespread burns the victim must be rushed immediately to a medical center. Minor burns and scalds, however, can be safely treated at home with homeopathy.


Burns are classified into three grades. First degree burns are superficial and affect only the skin. They cause pain and redness but blister formation does not occur. Second degree burns are also known as partial thickness burns. These involve the epidermis as well as the dermis (deeper layer of skin). Blisters are common in this state and the affected skin appears red and swollen. Second degree burns are very painful. First and second degree burns are majorly non-serious and can be effectively treated at home, provided adequate management is done. Immediately after burn medicine must be applied to the affected area to prevent further damage and minimize infections. Blisters are a common occurrence in second degree burns when the condition is not given attention instantly. Applying cold water to the burnt area may also aggravate the condition as it often turns superficial burns into deep ones. In case of burn wound medicine is essential to heal the damaged skin and subcutaneous tissue and treat the blisters. It is strongly advised not to prick or prod the blisters that have occurred after burns as it may result in severe infections. In case clothing is stuck to the burnt area it is not safe to forcibly remove it as this may aggravate the damage. One must instead seek medical assistance.


Third degree burns are the full thickness burns. In the case of third degree burns the entire epidermis and dermis are destroyed. Generally, these occur when there is a major accident, a fire outbreak or serious scalding with a hot liquid. Third degree burns are a medical emergency and need immediate attention by specialists. This is because they can lead to shock, severe infection, and even death.


As mentioned above burns are an everyday occurrence and therefore it is wise to be prepared to deal with them. Some medications to deal with the instant pain of burns must always be available in the house. In case of burn medicine at home comes in handy and it is always prudent to keep it accessible in the kitchen. Generally, some household items are used in common practice as a first aid for burns. Some of these are toothpaste, aloe vera gel, raw potato slice, coconut water, ice, etc. These items may or may not have healing effect on the burnt skin, as their actions are not technically verified. To keep the damage to a minimum, one may opt for homeopathic medicine for burns which heals the wound naturally and prevents infections. Homeopathy provides the best medicine for burns as the medicines are created out of natural sources and contain no chemicals.


As the burn heals, peeling of the skin with itching may occur. Second degree burns often leave a mark or a burn scar that is stubborn and difficult to eradicate. If you have scars remaining after burn medicine is available in homeopathy which can be taken to contract the scar tissue. This way not only can burns be treated effectively via homeopathic medicine but the long term sequelae such as scarring and contraction of skin can also be minimized.


The best medicine for burn wounds can be procured from Schwabe India which manufactures numerous homeopathic medicines, cosmetics and products to provide an all-round range of health care. Topi Cantharis cream can be applied locally to quickly heal the burnt area and prevent formation of blisters. Even if blisters have been formed, the medicine acts to heal them swiftly and prevents infections. This ointment also has promising results in the case of sunburns. Hence it comes in handy during summers when sunburns are common. It can be complemented with internal administration of Cantharis medicine that has a special affinity on burns. The medicine is indicated in almost all cases of burns where the skin is red, swollen or even blistered. Burning pains are present in the part that are specially distressing to the patient. Cantharis helps in settling these pains and resolves the burns quickly. It also prevents the formation of vehicles and settles the vehicles that have been formed. Both internal remedy and the ointment together can provide the best results in a short amount of time.