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Treating Piles with Homeopathy

Piles, medically known as hemorrhoids, are swollen and engorged hemorrhoidal veins present near the anus. These may be internal or external. Chronic high blood pressure in the portal circulation causes these veins to swell and become engorged leading to pile formation. It is predominantly a gastric and vascular issue. Generally, once established they are difficult to eradicate and cause many grievances. They may even lead to complications such as fissures and fistulae.

The incidence of developing piles is significantly higher than what it was, say twenty years ago. This is because eating habits have changed drastically in the past two decades. Food portions have become heavy on oils, fats and spices and low on fibers. Water intake is substituted by colas. Digestive processes have taken a hit as a consequence of these poor eating trends. This retarded digestion causes constipation which does not easily let up. Prolonged constipation causes a tendency to strain at stools which puts undue pressure on the anal sphincter. With time the veins in the area get swollen and these may not return to their original state. Fissures may also develop as a complication in advanced stages. These veins may get injured while passing hard stools leading to bleeding piles. Pain and discomfort persist around the anus and often burning may be present. Small pads of skin may bulge out of the anal orifice; these may or may not regress inside after stool, depending on the severity of the condition.

The tendency to develop piles may be hereditary; people with gastric disturbances often pass on the propensity to their children. Another vulnerable stage in pregnancy. Heavyweight and increased intra-abdominal pressure cause stress and lead to bulging out of tissues from the anal orifice. Pregnant women frequently get constipated as well.

The homeopathic concept of healing focuses on stimulating the person’s vitality to overcome the disease process by its own virtue. It is imperative that besides taking homoeopathic medication, one must also adequately modify their diet and regimen to get the best results. Healing cannot occur unless the maintaining cause of the disease is removed. In a patient with piles complete cure is difficult to achieve unless mitigating factors such as persistent constipation are tackled. Improvement in lifestyle will encourage healing and allow the medicine to show its full positive prowess. Similarly, in the case of piles medicine works well when supplemented with a healthy diet that promotes adequate digestion. One can opt for homeopathic medicine for piles and achieve results quickly by following the instructions of their physician.

How to avoid piles problem?

The best way to avoid the development of piles is to avoid constipation. Take fiber rich diet, such as papaya, apples, vegetables, etc. Fibrous food adds to the bulk of stools and promotes easy passage. Take plenty of water so as to facilitate the smooth movement of material in the intestinal tract. It is also not recommended to strain ferociously for stools, rather one can simply give up and try later. Avoid eating very late into the night and allow your digestive process to continue uninhibited. Heavy weight lifting should be avoided or done in a controlled, graduated manner. This can also prevent pile formation.

Generally, piles can be diagnosed clinically by a doctor. Usually, physical examination along with thorough history taking is sufficient and laboratory tests are not needed. The doctor enquires about constipation or change in bowel habits, pain, blood or mucus in stool, and about a family history of piles. One must always try to provide the history as accurately as possible as treatment may vary between individuals. In homeopathy, the science of symptom-similarity, medicine for bleeding piles differs from medicine for non-bleeding piles, just as the homeopathy medicine for piles and constipation may be different altogether. In the same manner homeopathy medicine for piles and fistula may be completely different from each other, or two individuals suffering from different clinical conditions may be prescribed the same remedy. Thus, what is imperative is thorough case-taking of an individual with major emphasis on the person’s peculiar and unique symptoms. These symptoms give an insight into the constitution and tendencies of this particular individual and it is these very symptoms that help in selecting the appropriately indicated remedy.

Best Homeopathic Medicine for Piles

The best homeopathic medicine for piles in India is manufactured by Dr Willmar Schwabe. The process of manufacturing these medicines is strictly based on the instructions of homeopathic standards.

Biocombination No.17 is a routinely prescribed homeopathic medicine that has a healing effect on the problem of piles. It also strengthens the digestive system and promotes efficient bowel movement so as to eradicate the tendency of developing hemorrhoids.

Topi Aesculus cream by Schwabe is another efficient piles medicine in India. It is a supportive treatment for piles. The medicine is applied locally on the protruding hemorrhoids and it helps in reducing the pain as well as the discomfort associated with the condition.

Both of these medicines are safe for use and can be taken easily with the prescribed homeopathic remedy.