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Trituration Tablets (LATT)


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NameAcetanilidum (Antifebrinum) LATTPotencyPrice Rs. 0
NameAlumen LATTPotencyPrice Rs. 0
NameAlumina LATTPotencyPrice Rs. 0
NameAluminium muriaticum LATTPotencyPrice Rs. 0
NameAmmonium bromatum LATTPotencyPrice Rs. 0
NameAntimonium sulphuratum aureum LATTPotencyPrice Rs. 0
NameAntipyrinum LATTPotencyPrice Rs. 0
NameArgentum nitricum LATTPotencyPrice Rs. 0
NameArsenicum iodatum LATTPotencyPrice Rs. 0
NameArsenicum sulphuratum flavum LATTPotencyPrice Rs. 0
NameAurum muriaticum LATTPotencyPrice Rs. 0
NameAurum muriaticum natronatum LATTPotencyPrice Rs. 0

Homeopathic medicines are manufactured from a vast variety of raw materials and medicinal sources. These sources span over a variety of kingdoms, namely the plant kingdom, animal kingdom, mineral kingdom, and also from some natural and diseased secretions of different living bodies. Interestingly, some medicines are even created out of immaterial physical entities like solar rays. Obviously not all of these are soluble in water or alcohol, and many of these need a specific process to be shaped into a medicinal form. Here comes the role of trituration tablets, meaning that by a special process called trituration the raw materials are enhanced into curative agents. In this process the raw agents are dynamically potentized and may be converted into liquid form or taken as is. Read on to find out about trituration tablets, benefits and some of Dr Willmar Schwabe India tablet triturates.

Trituration tablets are used for a variety of purposes. Often, they can be given to supplement the action of a liquid potency. They are often used as specific remedies for organ targeted therapy which is complemented by a constitutional treatment to cure the whole person. They are also useful in hormonal imbalances, for instance Thyroidinum may be prescribed for thyroid dysfunction. These tablets generally come in lower potencies and can be repeated for longer periods as compared to high potencies that require strict dose supervision. There are many other trituration tablets uses. Many remedies have been proven to be more effective in tablet form. They are easy to administer, easy to carry and easy to dispense. Many people simply prefer a tablet dose.

A lot of people remain in doubt about how to take homeopathic trituration tablets. The first requirement for trituration tablet usage is to always get it prescribed by a homeopathic physician. Self-medicating is never recommended even in a mild and gentle system like homeopathy. For most of trituration tablets, four tablets are taken twice or thrice a day. Some tablets may be taken only once a day, or only at night time. Thus, the correct dosage varies for different medicines and these should be taken under the supervision of the physician. A general rule of thumb to follow is to avoid any kind of food item a minimum of fifteen minutes before and after the medicine.

Some particular trituration tablets are being mentioned here; there is such a vast armamentarium of these medicines that they cannot be enlisted all at once. Trituration tablets Arsenicum sulphuratum flavum are used in cases of leukoderma with marked effect on skin, as well as joint pains. Trituration tablets Cholesterinum have been proved exceptionally effective in regulation of lipids and controlling liver and gall bladder disease. Trituration tablets Thiosinaminum 3x is especially helpful in dissolving scar tissues, polyps and fibroids. Dr Willmar Schwabe India produces Alumen trituration tablets which are employed in cases of constipation, skin and female complaints. Belladonna trituration tablets are used for controlling blood pressure. Another valuable product by Schwabe India is Cinnabaris trituration tablets which have healing effect on skin and genital organs. There are a host of other such trituration tablets, with effects as diverse as from skin to respiration. They act upon virtually all organs of the body and may be employed to supplement the action of a high potency constitutional dose.