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Homeopathic Antiseptic Healing Creams


Most of us are no stranger to the occasional cuts and scrapes and prefer to keep some form of first-aid in the household. An ointment for injuries is one of the most indispensable items in a first-aid box. Contrary to proper belief, homeopathy offers antiseptic creams with remarkable healing action. These can be purchased at any local homeopathic pharmacy and provide a refreshing alternative to conventional antiseptics composed of a variety of chemicals. The homeopathic cream generally used for cuts and scrapes is Calendula cream. Calendula cream works as a competent antiseptic that can be applied to cuts, bruises, scrapes and other injuries without hesitation. It is prepared from Marigold and has excellent healing properties. All types of open wounds, whether incised or lacerated, can be safely disinfected with Calendula cream. Recovery time is significantly shorter in cases of wounds being treated by Calendula cream.

Topi Heal cream by Schwabe India is helpful to reduce bleeding from cuts and prevent infections. It acts favorably on painful wounds and can also be used externally on ulcers such as bedsores. While debilitating conditions that lead to bedsores demand a rigorous medical intervention, external application in the form of Topi Heal cream helps to settle the burning pains and the excoriating nature of the wound. The other use of this cream is in nipple soreness. Nursing mothers often suffer from cracked and dry nipples. This cream is useful in their case to close up the cuts and promote healing. They also reduce the soreness and pain when applied on the affected area. It must be wiped off before the baby is fed again. Similarly, nappy rash is a type of contact dermatitis that babies frequently suffer from. Topi Heal cream can be applied safely to the rashes to settle the inflammation. Contact dermatitis may also occur in other cases when even seemingly harmless substances evoke a negative reaction on the skin. The ointment can be applied in these cases over the affected area to sooth and heal in a short time.

Creams and ointments are also frequently required for lesions on the face, particularly acne. Pimples are not only painful and distressing, they frequently leave marks and scars that are difficult to eradicate. Sometimes pigmentation appears on the face, particularly in females after delivery. All of these cases benefit greatly from homeopathic treatment. Apart from the internally administered homeopathic remedy, local application in the form of ointments and creams are also useful. Topi Berberis cream manufactured by Schwabe India is useful as a homeopathic cream for acne and dermatitis and provides swift results. It is beneficial in dry forms of skin diseases such as psoriasis. It is also a widely appreciated homeopathic cream for glowing skin. It is a good idea to use this homeopathic cream for face pigmentation also as it contains no chemicals and provides a gentle soothing effect to the skin.

There are other similar healing agents marketed by Schwabe India that are frequently prescribed by homeopathic practitioners. Topi Thuja cream uses the healing properties of Thuja occidentalis and provides an excellent solution for warts and other skin growths. With the complete range of Schwabe India’s Healthcare products, almost all medical conditions can be effectively managed.