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Cramping Pains and Homeopathic Management

We are all familiar with the distressing sensation of muscle cramps that visit us now and then. Cramps are forceful contractions of the body muscles that occur in paroxysms and cause severe pain. They are also frequently accompanied by stiffness and hardness of the involved muscles and sensation of knots in the area. Different muscle groups may be affected depending on the causative factor. It is best to start with medicine for muscle cramps as soon as the problem manifests instead of waiting for it to get worse. Apart from medicinal management adequate care should be taken to exert our muscles in a controlled manner.

Leg cramps are fairly common. The causes can be many. Exercising without appropriate warming up is one significant reason of developing muscle cramps. Dehydration is another major cause. Straining the muscles while out in heat and lack of water and electrolytes contribute to this condition. Muscle fatigue can also cause leg cramps when they are strained much beyond their usual capacity. Poor blood circulation in the legs like in the case of varicose veins or heavy smoking are also important causative factors for leg cramps. If you suffer frequently from leg cramp medicine must be supplemented with calcium and vitamin B12 so that deficiency states may be overcome. Homeopathic medicine for leg cramps are effective and help minimize pain in a short amount of time. General management is also important. The muscles ought to be systematically warmed up before rigorous exercising.

Stomach cramps occur in case of gastrointestinal disturbances, the major reason being simple accumulation of gas. Heavy food intake followed by hours of inactivity is a major culprit in causing stomach discomfort. Renal stones or gall bladder stones are other frequently encountered conditions that may cause abdominal cramps. While the medicine for stomach cramps is effective it is also vital to get oneself tested and diagnosed for renal stones, gall stones or any other gastric pathology if the problem persists or recurs frequently. It is of course important to remember that a healthy nutritious diet and an active lifestyle significantly reduce the chances of developing such symptoms.

The subject of cramps is incomplete unless one discusses menstrual cramps. There is an undeniable need of medicine for period cramps as they affect almost all women at some or other point in life. Period cramps generally begin before the onset of menses. They may or may not recede once the flow begins. Generally, the lower abdomen and pelvic area is affected. However, the pain may also extend down to the legs. Nausea, vomiting and dizziness may accompany the pains. Menstrual cramps are often severe and debilitating and lead to loss of significant time and work ability. The best pain medicine for period cramps are available by Schwabe India that show quick results and sooth the body muscles to cause relaxation. The medicine for bad cramps can therefore help in establishing uneventful and comfortable menstruation so that daily tasks may not be compromised.

For any type of cramps homeopathic medicine can be employed effectively. Homeopathic medicine for cramps also covers the muscular soreness and the distressing sensation that accompanies the spasmodic pains. Schwabe India manufactures excellent quality medicines for all types of cramps. Alpha-MP is one such product, as is the tissue remedy Magnesia Phosphorica. These medicines sooth the cramping muscles, relax the tendons and ligaments and relieve the associated soreness. They can be safely taken along with other remedies without interference. There are no known side-effects and contraindications and quick results are perceived shortly after intake. Generally, they have positive effect on the over-all feeling of tiredness, fatigue and lethargy as well.