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Homeopathic science is armed with a variety of medicines that differ in source, form, and effects. One type of medicine that come under the spectrum of homeopathy is the biochemic medicine. Read on if you want to know what is biochemic medicine, and the biochemic medicines list that are available in India.

Our body is composed of minerals and compounds that are required in just the right amount to maintain a healthy metabolism. Dr Schuessler was a German biochemist who studied the effects, combinations and interactions of these salts and came up with the twelve tissue remedies that help overcome mineral deficiencies in the body. Along with these twelve remedies, a combination of these salts in different compositions can be used for various clinical conditions. Biochemic homeopathic medicine is generally dispensed in tablet form, and tissue salts may be combined with other homeopathic medicines to create specific therapeutic agents for a multitude of diseases.

One of the primary laws of homeopathy is the belief in minimal dose, that is, medicines are given in the smallest possible quantity that are just enough to excite healing but never strong enough to bring out negative effects. Biochemic medicines are also crafted on the same principle; minimal amount of the tissue salts is used to triturate and develop the medicine. This renders the medicine completely safe for use, even at repeated doses. Indeed, biochemic medicines are mostly prescribed for a few days to few weeks, depending on the requirement of the patient.

These combinations of medicines are available for a variety of clinical conditions. Apart from the twelve tissue remedies of Dr Schuessler, Schwabe India manufactures Biocombinations that cover everything from fever to pregnancy. These medicines are available in 28 combinations and labelled as Biocombination no.1, no.2, and so on. For example, the biochemic medicine for diabetes is Biocombination No. 07. Similarly, biochemic medicine for cold and cough is Biocombination No. 06. The biochemic medicine for allergy and asthma are similarly available in different combinations. Biocombination No. 11 is commonly prescribed as a biochemic medicine for fever. Five Phos is a general nerve tonic that is made of the five tissue remedies that have a phosphorus component. It is also an effective medicine for convalescence after acute or exhausting diseases. Different combinations exist for conditions such as anemia, diarrhea and dysentery, colic, teething troubles, skin complaints, piles, menstruation problems and even to encourage a safe and sound delivery for pregnant women.

Generally, homeopathic physicians prescribe these Biochemic medicines in combination with homeopathic potencies to get the best results. The dosage is usually four tablets twice or thrice a day and may be lesser for young children. For conditions such as anemia, exhaustion, debility et cetera the medicine may be continued for a few weeks to months. To learn about the clinical conditions that each combination is suited for visit the link mentioned. It is best to get the medicine prescribed by a homeopathic doctor in the accurate dosage to get quicker and better results. While these medicines do not cause any adverse side effects, the best use of these may be obtained in the supervision of a qualified physician.