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Brittle nails, acne and boils

The homeopathic system of medicine is armed with a wide range of therapeutic agents and these come from all types of raw materials. One such category of homeopathic medicines is the group of tissue remedies. These are twelve salts of different elements that perform vital functions in the human body. They were described in detail by Schuessler. He elaborated their uses, necessity and appropriate method of utilization. One of these twelve remedies with extensive action on all systems of the human body is Silicea.

Silicea, also known as Silicea Terra, is made out of silicon oxides. It is a component of skin, hair, nails, muscles, nerves and other connective tissue. It is prepared by the homeopathic process of trituration into a medicinal compound, which can then be formed into tablets or as liquid medicine of higher potencies. Its sphere of action includes the skin and hair, glands, the bones, digestive, endocrine and reproductive systems among many others. It is a roSilicea is prepared form the mineral silica which is found in the body?s skin, hair, nails and connective tissues. It has its important action on skin, hair and nails. it is used to clear blocked glands or follicles.utinely prescribed medicine in homeopathic clinics as both a tissue remedy and in 200 potency. There is a wide list of Silicea 200 uses and side effects are virtually negligible.

To obtain the full use of homeopathic medicine Silicea it is imperative to understand its actions. It is often employed in chronic diseases where the person has suffered from a lack of mental, physical and emotional strength. In children it helps eradicate the tendency to bone and teething complaints and helps develop vitality and immunity. Silicea is often suited to children who suffer from ill health not because they are unsuitably fed but because they are unable to digest and assimilate the food taken. These children are weak, with large heads and frail body. They sweat profusely on the head and have weak bones. These children are predominantly chilly, and they need to be warmly covered to conserve and maintain body heat. Frequent colds, cough, flu and ear infections are common in these children and are a sign of low immunity; the immune power is strengthened and enhanced by Silicea.

The homeopathic medicine Silicea benefits digestive troubles as well. Chronic constipation is an indicator for this remedy when other symptoms correspond. Another major condition that is covered by Silicea 200 is headache, specially one sided. The headache begins from the back of the head and then ascends to settle over one eye.

Perhaps the most important benefits of the Silicea homeopathy uses are the ones on skin. It is indicated when skin is unhealthy, and every little injury carries on to abscess formation. Pustules, boils and a host of other skin conditions come under the scope of this remedy. The nails are brittle, hard, deformed and easily cracked. Cracks also from on the palms and soles and the skin disintegrates and sheds. Hangnails and bunions are also seen. The skin troubles are accompanied by excessive itching. Hair falls out and dandruff may be seen. One major utility of the medicine is in helping to remove foreign objects embedded in the skin, for example splinters. Not only are these foreign irritants expelled out, but the accompanying infection is also taken care of.

Hormonal imbalances are effectively corrected by Silicea. Acne is one of the leading manifestations of hormonal disturbance. It is effectively treated by Silicea, as are menstrual abnormalities and deranged metabolism. Thyroid dysfunction may be regulated by this medicine. Premature aging and bony troubles manifesting with advancing age are other complaints that can be benefitted by the appropriate Silicea dosage. With advancing age bone density becomes lower and weakness of bony tissues sets in. In women, after menopause the chances of developing osteoporosis increase manifold due to lack of the hormone estrogen. All of these factors lead to easy fractures, dislocations and bone injuries even at minimal trauma. Such mishaps can be prevented by strengthening the bones with a proper diet and the aid of Silicea.

A qualified homeopathic practitioner is the best person to advise about the dosage and repetition of any medicine. It is imperative to get yourself examined, investigated and treated as per a doctor’s guidelines. The practitioner can guide you about the medicine best suited for you and how to employ it for maximum benefits. Generally, the medicine may be given as a single dose in high potency or repeated frequently in lower potencies. It may also be prescribed in the form of tissue remedy as 3x, 6x, 12x and so on. In the case of tissue remedy, Silicea 200 complements the action of above mentioned potencies and may be given in different combinations to reap the best benefits.

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12x 25 g, 200x 25 g, 30x 25g, 3x 25 g, 6x 25 g, 3x 550 g, 6x 20 g, 12x 20 g, 200x 550 g, 30x 20 g, 6x 550 g, 3x 20 g, 12x 550 g, 30x 550 g, 200x 20 g

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Alcohol: There is no reported safety concern if it is taken with alcohol.

Pregnancy: It is safe to take during pregnancy.

Driving: It is safe to use during driving.

Breastfeeding/Lactation: It can be used while breastfeeding/lactation.

Kidney: There is no known contraindication with kidney diseases.

Liver: It is safe for the liver.

High blood pressure/Hypertension: It is safe to use in patients with hypertension.

Low blood pressure: It will not lower the blood pressure.

Heart: It does not contain any ingredient which will affect the heart.

Mentally retarded: There is no known contraindication with mentally retarded persons.

Post covid impacts: There is no known contraindication with post covid impacts.

Diarrhea: It will not cause any diarrhea.

Gastric: There are no known effects on the gastrointestinal system.

Empty stomach: It is preferably to be taken after a meal.

Skin allergy: There is no skin allergy when using Silicea.

Habit: It is not a habit-forming product.

Overdose: In case of overdose, drink lots of water or consult a physician.

Storage: It has to be stored in a cool dark place, away from sunlight and strong-smelling substances.

Temperature: The temperature should be 25 degrees centigrade.

Silicea also known as Silicea terra is prepared from silicon oxides. It is a component of skin, hair, nails, muscles, nerves, and other connective tissues. Its sphere of action includes the skin, hair, glands, bones, digestive system, endocrine, and reproductive system. It helps in removing foreign objects and foreign irritants from the body.

Yes, it is suitable for children.

It has to be taken as long as the symptoms persist or improvement sets in or otherwise as prescribed by the physician.

Yes, it is safe to take Silicea.

No, it will not cause any dryness in the mouth.

Silicea is a component of skin, hair, nails, muscles, nerves, and other connective tissues. It is often employed in cases of chronic diseases where the person has suffered from a lack of mental, physical, and emotional strength. In children, it helps in improving bone and teething troubles and helps develop vitality and immunity.

It is indicated in children who are poorly nourished and suffer from improper absorption and assimilation. The children are weak with large heads and frail bodies, very chilly, and often affected with frequent attacks of cold, cough, and ear infections. The immunity is enhanced with the use of Silicea.

It is often indicated in digestive troubles, chronic constipation, headaches, unhealthy skin where every little injury suppurates, abscesses, pustules, cracks on the palms and soles, hangnails, bunions, hair fall, dandruff, and expulsion of foreign bodies.

Hormonal imbalances are effectively treated by Silicea. It is also indicated in acne, menstrual abnormalities, deranged metabolism, thyroid dysfunction, bone troubles, osteoporosis, fractures, and dislocations. It is also called a “Homoeopathic surgeon”.

It is to be taken as 3-4 tablets 2-3 times a day or as prescribed by the physician.

Silicea is indicated in imperfect assimilation and consequent defective nutrition. It produces neurasthenic states and increased susceptibility to nervous stimuli and exaggerated reflexes. It covers the diseases of bones, caries, and necrosis. It stimulates the organism to re-absorb fibrotic conditions and scar tissue. It is an excellent remedy for quinsy, abscesses, headaches, spasms, epilepsy, keloid, rickets, ill effects of vaccination, suppurative processes, and ripening abscess. It is indicated in ailments attended with pus formation, intolerance of alcoholic stimulants, and great sensitivity to cold. It is suitable for nervous, excitable, faint-hearted, sensitive to all impressions, and obstinate, headstrong children. The headache is from fasting, vertigo from looking up, profuse sweat of the head, eyes sensitivity to light, swelling of lachrymal glands, abscess in the cornea, cataracts, and keratitis.

It is indicated in caries of mastoid, bleeding of the nose, perforation of the nasal septum, facial neuralgia, abscess at the root of teeth, boils on gums, quinsy, parotid glands swollen, bloating of the abdomen, fistulas, fissure in the anus, diarrhoea, nocturnal enuresis, chronic gonorrhoea, leucorrhoea, menstrual abnormalities, abscess of labia, hard lumps in the breast and vaginal cysts. It is indicated in respiratory complaints like pneumonia, cough, sore throat, frequent attacks of the cold, suppurative stage of expectoration, and stitches in the chest.

The spine is weak, the coccyx painful, spinal irritation after injuries to the spine, Pott’s disease, and night walking. It is a remedy for sciatica, cramps in calves and soles, paralytic weakness, affections of fingernails, ingrowing toenails, panaritium, pain in knees, and icy cold feet and soles. The skin affections such as felons, abscesses, boils, old fistulous ulcers, cracks at end of fingers, rose-coloured patches, scars, every little injury which suppurates, crippled nails, indurated tumours, after effects of vaccination, lepra, nodes, keloid growths, and dry fingertips, all come under the action of this remedy.

No side effects have been reported so far.

No precautions are necessary.

It is not a problem if you skip a few doses, but avoid taking double doses.

Kali phosphoricum, Bio combination No.08, Bio combination No.07, and Bio combination No.05.

It contains Silicea in varied potencies 3X, 6X, 12X, 30X and 200X according to the packaging.

Manufactured in India by Dr. Willmar Schwabe India Pvt. Ltd. A-36, Sector-60, Uttar Pradesh, Noida – 201304.

Country of Origin: India.

Registered office Address: Dr. Willmar Schwabe India Pvt. Ltd. H-36, Green Park Extension, New Delhi, Pin: 110016.

Expiry: 5 years for the date of manufacturing.


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