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What is Immunity & Immune System?

Immunity can be defined as the self defending capacity of the body to recognize and preserve the particles of the self, and to distinctly recognize and reject the things that are foreign to the human body. In short immunity is the body’s ability to fight against harmful germs and infections. Biologically immunity is defined as the balanced state of multicellular organisms having adequate biological defenses to fight infection, disease, or other unwanted biological invasions, while having adequate tolerance to avoid allergy, and autoimmune diseases.

The immune system consists of special organs, cells and chemicals which help to fight the infections. They are the white blood cells, antibodies, the complement system, the lymphatic system, the spleen, the thymus, and the bone marrow. The organs such as bone marrow, lymph nodes, spleen and thymus produce the lymphocytes. The lymphocytes are the white blood cells which are further classified into B and T cells. They attack and destroy the invading microorganisms or antigens. B cells retaliate by releasing antibodies specific to the antigen and the T cells destroys and kill the foreign invaders and abnormal cells.

There are three types of immunity in human beings. They are:

Innate immunity: which all the human beings are born with. The innate immunity begins to act against the invading germs from birth such as the skin and mucous membranes of the throat.

Adaptive immunity: which human beings develop throughout their lives as they are exposed to various diseases and pathogens.

Passive immunity: also called “borrowed” or temporary immunity is obtained from other outer sources and it lasts for a short time. Like a newborn baby which receives antibodies from the mother through placenta and in breast milk before and after birth respectively for a short period of life.

Symptoms of a weak immune system

  • Recurrent, frequent and long lasting infections that are difficult to treat.
  • General weakness, fatigue, lassitude, tiredness, etc.
  • Some of such infections are recurrent and chronic bronchitis, sinus infections, ear infections, and skin infections.
  • Problems with digestion such as loss of appetite, nausea, diarrhea or constipation.
  • Inflammatory diseases and infection of internal organs such as gastritis, hepatitis, bowel syndromes, etc.
  • Slow healing of wounds, unhealthy skin and nails
  • Low platelet counts and other blood disorders such as anemia
  • Delayed milestones, growth and development
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Genetic disorders
  • Congenital heart diseases

Benefits of the good immune system

  • A healthy immune system protects the human body by creating different levels of barriers or filters to prevent the invading bacteria and viruses from entering the body.
  • The immune cells fight against the escaped germs by attacking and destroying them as the line of defense against the infections by producing antibodies.
  • A healthy immune system can fight the infections and health problems from a common cold to severe infections and cancers, etc.
  • It prevents and protects the body from the spread of infections from animals, and other harmful agents in the environment.

Various things to do to help in boosting the immune system

The immune system requires a proper balance and harmony in the body to function smoothly. In general a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet and regimen are better ways to keep up the immune system at par. Below are some of the things one can to do boost up the immune system and keep the infections at bay.

  • Take food that is rich in vitamin C, protein, minerals and antioxidants such as glutathione, cysteine, arginine, and zinc.
  • Getting plenty of sleep
  • A balanced nutritious diet with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Exposure to sunlight for the production of vitamin D
  • Regular workouts such as exercises, meditation and yoga
  • Take supplements such as B12, Vitamin C and glutathione which have been proven to help strengthen the immune system
  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Avoiding smoking and alcohol
  • Practice good hygiene.
  • Managing stress as it has been reported to affect the immune system.
  • Avoid contact and exposure to people with severe, contagious infections and fevers.

Homeopathic Immune boosters

In the present scenario, there are a number of different products in the market which claims to boost up and increase the immunity. Boosting immunity doesn’t mean an actual increase in the production of immune cells, because the human body has the capacity to continually produce the immune cells and the unwanted extra cells are removed from the blood stream if there is no use. The main aim of these immune boosters should be to induce the body to produce healthy immune cells that can actively find the target cells and fight the infections effectively. In homeopathy the homeopathic immune boosters helps to fight the infections effectively without altering the homeostasis of the body. The homeopathic immune boosters help in the production of healthy immune cells and in fighting the infections safely and naturally.

Best homeopathic medicines to improve the immune system

Some of the best homeopathic immune boosters available in the market for all age groups are Alfalfa Tonic – General Alfalfa Tonic – Diabetic, Arsenicum album CH, Camphora CH, Echinacea angustifolia 1X, Alpha-WD, Biocombination No. 28.

Echinacea angustifolia 1X It helps to enhance and re-build immunity. Echinacea angustifolia 1X- It is one of the most used homeopathic immune boosters. It is an immune stimulant which enhances the body’s immune system by stimulating the activity of macrophages and natural killer cells, hence claimed to be of value in anticancer therapy (chemotherapy or radiation therapy)

Arsenicum Album CH It is a deep acting remedy on every organ and tissue. It is one of the best homeopathic medicines indicated for prevailing debility, exhaustion, weakness, restlessness and irritability, with nightly aggravation. It is indicated for frequent cold and cough with watery coryza, intermittent and septic fevers.

Camphora CH It is indicated for weak children and people who are very sensitive to cold. Great coldness of the external surface, with sudden and complete prostration of the vital force. One of the main remedies in cases of shock and collapse. Very useful during first stages of a cold, with chilliness and sneezing. Subsultus and extreme restlessness.

Alpha-WD It strengthens the immune system by protecting and preventing the body from recurrent respiratory infections. It also promotes speedy recovery. Ensures proper functioning of lymphatic system and also has a detoxifying effect.

Alfalfa Tonic (Diabetic)- Dr. Willmar Schwabe’s Alfalfa Tonic® Sugar Free is specially formulated for diabetics. It is a health tonic for both sexes of all ages for convalescence, general weakness, lethargy, lack of appetite, stress, tension and sleep disorders.

Alfalfa Tonic (General)- Dr. Willmar Schwabe’s Alfalfa Tonic® provides natural aminoacids, minerals that are essential for the body to tackle the infections. It promotes general well being. It is a general health tonic for both sexes of all ages for convalescence, general weakness, lethargy, lack of appetite, stress, tension and sleep disorders.

Biocombination No. 28 Bioplasgen/Biocombination 28 contains all the minerals and salts which are essential for proper functioning of the body. It can be used as a general health tonic for weak, old people and during convalescence.

These are specially formulated products from Dr. Wilmar Schwabe India to strengthen the immune system and to help prevent frequent and recurrent respiratory infections such as cold, flu, sinusitis, bronchitis, allergic skin diseases, etc. The homeopathic immune boosters help to maintain the homeostasis of the body and to restore the normal functions of the body after any illnesses. These homeopathic immune boosters help to prevent further infections and improve general weakness. They help to improve the appetite, digestive functions, absorption and assimilation of essential nutrients and speeds up the metabolism.

Immune boosters for kids

The children especially infants and kids are most prone to frequent and recurrent infections such as common cold, cough, allergic bronchitis, various skin diseases, etc. It gets really difficult to manage these troubles as the children do not eat properly and nutritiously. They do not understand the do’s and dont’s as they are very careless and playful. The homeopathic pills are a boon to the parents as the kids doesn’t need to be forced to take these medicines. The homeopathic immune boosters for kids can be taken regularly as it enhances and strengthens the immune system along with their growth and development. These immune boosters help the kids to effectively take on and prevent further infections.
Some of the best immune boosters for kids are Munostim, Alfalfa Tonic-Paediatric and weak defence combo.

Munostim: It is one of the best immune boosters for kids which stimulates and activates the natural immune system. It is specially designed for infants and kids and is easy to dispense. It helps to prevent recurrent infections and seasonal allergies in children in addition to strengthening the immunity.

Alfalfa TonicPaediatric: A tonic with syrup base specially formulated for children. Regular use helps to stimulate the physical and mental activities. It helps to improve the appetite, absorption of nutrition and sleep in children.

Weak defense combo: A powerful combination of 3 products. It contains Munostim, Echinacea angustifolia 1X and Alpha-WD.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Immunity?

Immunity is the ability to fight harmful germs, substances and cell changes that can predispose to illness. It involves various cells, organs and proteins.

How can I boost my immunity fast?

To boost immunity fast one should follow the below steps:

  • Exercise regularly
  • Take 8-10 glasses of water daily
  • Take 7-8 hours of sleep daily
  • Avoid smoking and restrict alcohol intake as much as possible
  • Take immunity boosting food items such as citric fruits and green vegetables.
  • Do yoga and meditation regularly to reduce mental stress

What are the signs of weak immune system?

These are:-

  • Frequent sneezing and cold
  • Frequent digestion problems
  • Slow healing wounds
  • Frequent infections such as ear infection, pneumonia, sinusitis.
  • Fatigue feeling all the time
  • High stress levels  

Which homeopathic medicine is the best for the immune system?

Constitutional medicine that is the most similar to the physiological and psychological manifestation of the disease is the best medicine for the immune system.