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This homeopathic specialities range includes medicines named Phytolacca berry for weight management, growth tonic for children, Damiaplant for impotency in men, Dizester for digestive problems, Essentia Aurea and Angioton for cardiac issues, Hertone and Klimaktolan for females, Rück-Pain for joints and bones care, Thyroidinum for thyroid problems and Tussistin- cough medicine.


Product name


Alfalfa Tonic- Diabetic

Sugar-free tonic for diabetics to improve their stamina.

  • Reduces nervous exhaustion and fatigue

  • Relieves stress and influence nutrition

  • Improves physical and mental activity

  • Overcome cramps and neuralgic pains

Alfalfa Tonic- General

 Health tonic for:

  • Weakness during and after disease.

  • Improvement of appetite and lethargy.

  • Stress, tension and sleep disorders.

Alfalfa Tonic- Paediatric

Health tonic for children

  • Boosts physical and mental activities

  • Improves nutrition

  • Relieves tension, stress and fatigue

  • Improves sleep

  • Improves anaemic state despite prolonged medication


Circulation booster, a vaso-motor stimulant and restores the blood pressure
• Improve cardiac contractions.
• For vertigo on rising, along with precordial pain, palpitation and dyspnoea
• Reduces venous stasis.


Homeopathic medicine for male impotency due to erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, loss of libido.


Homeopathic digestive tonic

  • Improves digestion, acidity, dyspepsia, bloating, and flatulence

  • Anti-spasmodic and carminative actions

  • Sugar free

Essentia Aurea*

Cardio-tonic improves heart muscles tone and reduces narrowing of blood vessels
• Regulates pulse, reduces the blood pressure
• Arteriosclerosis- solvent action
• Improves heart-related insomnia, trembling, cold sweating and nervousness
• Reduces cardiac dropsy accompanied with dyspnoea.

Essentia Infantia

Homeopathic growth tonic for children
• Strengthens bones and teeth, improves delayed dentition
• Improves anaemic state with the arrest of wasting and weakness.
• For flatulence, colicky pain and diarrhoea.


For female complaints:

  • Amenorrhoea and menstrual irregularities.

  • Uterine tonic. For ovarian cyst, uterine fibroid, endometriosis and its associated symptoms

  • Premenstrual syndrome


Natural non-hormonal therapy:
• For menopausal symptoms: Hot flushes, attacks of Perspiration, sleep disorders, reduced libido, depression, Irritability
• When hormone therapy is a contraindication

Phytolacca Berry Tablets*

  • For effective weight management

  • For weight loss in females who gained weight after delivery.


Cervical spondylitis, lumbar spondylitis, spondylarthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, spondylosis, sciatica.

Thyroidinum 3X (LATT)

• Hypothyroidism and its associated symptoms.
• Migraine accompanied with insufficiency of the thyroid gland
• Goitre, especially of exophthalmic type.


For mild forms of cough and its associated pain.
• Dry, hard, irritative and spasmodic cough, from walking in cold air, accumulation of tough mucus in bronchi and larynx with tickling.
• For bronchitis in old and feeble person

*Avoid self-medication, consult your physician.


This homeopathic specialities range consist of medicines for conditions associated with the whole body. These are available in tablet form and are suitable to all age groups, except where specifications are given. No known side-effects are present. Consult a registered Homeopathic physician to eliminate any serious underlying condition and to have successful results.