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It is a universally accepted fact that while gaining weight may be easier, losing it is certainly no easy task. Once you begin gaining those kilos, it is difficult to control the condition and manage it timely. Fat is persistent and takes a long time to disappear and requires a strict dedication to hard work. A perfectly planned diet regime, exercise schedule and perseverance are the building blocks to lose the stubborn flab. Appropriate homeopathic medicine for weight loss can be added to these steps to achieve quicker results.

Not everyone needs to lose weight. Some people may simply have a heavier build but still fall in the category of appropriate weight. The easiest method to know whether you are overweight is to calculate your BMI, that is, Body Mass Index. Note down your weight in kilograms and then divide it by the square of your height, in meters. If the resultant value exceeds 25 you are overweight. In case the value exceeds 29.9 you fall into the category of obesity.

The health risks of obesity are many. Cardiovascular diseases, stroke, diabetes, hormonal abnormalities, irregular lipid metabolism, hypertension, menstrual disturbances and osteoarthritis are just some of the many diseases that have obesity as a causative factor. Obese women have difficult pregnancies and labor. The risk of developing cancer may also be higher in people with excess body weight.

Before you begin the strenuous task of losing weight, it is important to explore the cause of why you might be gaining weight. The most common causes of weight gain are unchecked fat and carbohydrate intake, a sedentary lifestyle, alcohol consumption, stress and poor eating habits. Apart from these, certain clinical conditions might also contribute to your extra weight and they need to be effectively tackled. Hypothyroidism is a common condition that contributes to weight gain. Hormonal imbalances like polycystic ovarian syndrome are often seen in close association with a greater weight. Kidney or liver disturbances lead to fluid retention and swelling of the body which may make you feel heavier and bulkier. Prolonged intake of steroidal medicines as is common in today’s era is also a significant contributor to heavy weight. These conditions need to be managed and hormonal levels controlled before the task of properly losing weight can begin.

A well-balanced diet with limited carbohydrate and fat intake is essential to lose weight. Salt consumption ought to be controlled. Fatty and oily food should be substituted with fibers, fruits and vegetables, and nuts. Water intake should be increased to flush out the toxins from the body. Minimizing alcohol use is essential, as liquor is a significant cause of weight gain. Cold drinks are laden with heavy amount of sugars that clog our arteries and contribute to obesity. Junk food should be strictly eliminated from the diet, instead proteins are helpful to build muscle. It is essential to regulate the cholesterol and lipid metabolism before one can successfully start losing weight.

The other dimension of weight loss is exercise. There is a reason why exercise is encouraged for just about every health condition, and that is because it maintains health better than most medications. For weight loss the first step is add movement to your routine, a sedentary lifestyle benefits no one. Brisk walking for around forty minutes every day is helpful. There are a vast range of options to choose from so that everyone can find a physical activity to their own liking. Dancing, swimming, cycling, Zumba, yoga, aerobics are just some of the options available. These can be incorporated into the daily routine thrice or four times a week for best results. The objective is to make the body agile and physically fit. It is important to remember that consistency is the major factor that makes exercise beneficial. A highly intense workout for a few days followed by periods of inactivity is not recommended. A well planned routine followed religiously gives better results.

It is important to manage stress levels. A healthy lifestyle with adequate sleep helps keep the stress levels at minimum, or at least provides the body with the energy to cope with stress. One reason why high stress level contributes to obesity is that stress leads to a high intake of comfort food. People often binge eat high calorie foods when under duress and this has a direct impact on the weight. Meditation and yoga are known to control stress levels.

The process of losing weight can be aided by the best homeopathic medicine for weight loss. The best medicine for weight loss without side effects is one that is prepared from natural sources and through a scientific process. Such homeopathic medicine for weight loss in India is manufactured by Schwabe India. The extract of phytolacca berry is used as an effective weight loss stimulator in homeopathy. The Dr Willmar Schwabe weight loss medicine is the Phytolacca Berry tablets that is the best medicine for weight loss without side effects in India. Persistent consumption of this medicine causes fat breakdown. There are no side effects of this remedy and it can be safely taken by people of both sexes. As it tones up the digestive and assimilation processes, indiscriminate hunger is reduced, and food intake is controlled. In women with post-delivery weight gain the medicine has shown promising results. There are no noted contra-indications of the medicine. Generally, two tablets twice or thrice a day are taken for a minimum of four weeks to see ascertainable results. A better dosage and treatment plan can be crafted by a homeopathic physician.

It must be noted that while being a healthy weight is important to live a healthy life, one must not aspire towards achieving an ideal ‘body type.’ One must learn to accept their body shape, their genetics and their physical attributes. The only hard work in this area must be towards achieving a healthy metabolic state, but never towards a figure that is promoted by mass media as being the goal. The healthy shape for each body is different, just as each individual is different. This is also one basic principle of homeopathy: all persons are individuals, with their own unique attributes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a pill that will help me lose weight?

Yes, the constitutional homeopathic medicine can help an obese person lose weight. It’s the medicine which is the most similar to the cause and effects of obesity.

Why mental health plays the most important role during such hard times?

The stigma linked to obesity can have adverse effects on mental health. It can lead to depression, anxiety and lowered self-esteem. It can even lead to ignoring physical activity, medical care and eating disorders.

How to protect your mental health?

To protect mental health one must be mindful about their current thoughts and behavior. Over thinking about one’s past leads to depression and over thinking about future leads to anxiety. Instead, focusing on how one feels in the present moment can prevent one from getting lost emotionally and hence falling prey to mental diseases.

Home remedies

Home remedies for obesity involves doing regular exercise for weight loss and eating low on carbohydrates and low fat diet