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Homeopathy and Kidney Stones

Development of stones in kidney is a rapidly expanding problem not only in India but all over the world. Dietary habits and poor water intake contribute to the disease. Family history of kidney stones increases the chances of acquiring the condition. Like most ailments prevalent in society today, kidney stone treatment in homeopathy is safe and effective. Stones are conventionally considered to be a surgical condition, so can homeopathy dissolve kidney stones? On a related note, is homeopathy good for kidney stones? As a matter of fact, appropriate usage of homeopathic medicine to dissolve the renal stones can help avoid surgical intervention and subsequent complications.

Kidney stones, also called renal calculi, are not only a problem of adult individuals but occur frequently in children as well. Symptoms include severe pain in the abdomen on either side that extends to the back. The character of pain is colicky; hence this pain is also called renal colic. This is associated with nausea, vomiting and fever may occur if the kidney or ureter gets infected. Urine may be scanty and the evacuation painful. The stone may erode the walls of the ureter when it descends to pass through the urinary tract; this may cause blood to occur in urine. A renal calculus is usually suspected based on clinical symptoms; and an X-ray or ultrasound of kidney, ureter and bladder (KUB) help to establish the diagnosis.

Normally it is suggested to increase the water intake if a person has renal calculi. This helps in breaking down the stone into smaller pieces or gravel that eventually pass through urination. Sometimes the size of the stone may be large as evidenced on the ultrasound reports. In such cases, homeopathic medicine for the kidney stone is required to help break down the calculus so that it may safely pass through the ureter. In homeopathy, left side kidney stone medicine may be different from right side kidney stone medicine. This is why a qualified homeopathic physician should be consulted before starting treatment. The doctor would also help to explain the prognosis of the case, as in certain extreme conditions surgery may be required.

The best homeopathy medicines for kidney stone are manufactured and distributed by Schwabe India and employed by hundreds of homeopaths across the country. Not only does homeopathy work for kidney stones on an acute level, it also helps eradicate the tendency to develop them recurrently. Indeed, some people come down with renal stone formation after every few months. This may be due to a calcium rich diet, family history, or even due to their area’s water supply. Such tendencies can be cleared up by homeopathic medicines safely. Berberis Pentarkan by Schwabe India is frequently employed by homeopaths to cure kidney stones. Another medicine is Sabal Pentarkan; it acts not only on kidney stones but also on prostatic enlargement and urinary troubles arising from the same. Various other remedies are prescribed in homeopathy for kidney stones as potencies or tinctures. The selection of the correct remedy and dosage depends on a variety of factors such as side, associated symptoms, size of the calculus, chronicity of complaint, general symptoms and the constitution of the patient. All these factors and more are correctly judged and treated by a homeopathic doctor.