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Phytolacca Berry – Health Benefit & How It Can Help You In Your Weight Loss Journey

The Phytolacca berry plant is a native of North America. Its berries are used to prepare medicine in Homeopathy. This remedy has many health benefits and is chiefly used to treat glandular affections (especially mammary glands) and obesity. Active principles of this remedy include caryophyllene, phytolacanin, phytolaccin, isobetanine, prebetanine, and salts of phytolaccic acids. These help in the treatment of mastitis, where the mammae are hard and very sensitive. It is beneficial in the treatment of a breast tumour, which is accompanied by enlarged axillary glands. Phytolacca berry is also used for the treatment of breast abscesses during the lactation period when the pain extends from the nipple to the whole body, while the child nurses. It is one of the chief weight loss medicine in homeopathy.

Also, these active principles have a prominent action on the digestive and absorbing properties of our intestines. It also helps in reducing food intake as it lower downs the appetite of the obese person without producing weakness and stupor in them. This way, it helps in the reduction of obesity by loss of weight.

A major question arises from the above text, Why lose weight?

Loss of weight from our body means the reduction of body mass in the form of body fluids, muscle mass, or fat. Loss of weight in terms of body fluids and muscle mass is usually a sign of some illness or occurs after some illness. This type of loss of weight is termed unintentional weight loss. It can also occur because of bad dietary habits. On the other hand, loss of weight by fat, reducing fat is desirable for people who are suffering from obesity. This type of loss of weight is kept under the category of intentional weight loss as it is being planned and implemented as per the wish of the person.

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Obesity is a term used for a condition where there is excessive accumulation of fat occurs in the body leading to an increased risk of health problems. It results from the intake of more calories than are required for the body. These extra calories get stored in our bodies in the form of fat. Excessive accumulation of fat leads to the disturbed distribution of lipids in blood and hence a disturbed metabolism. This disturbance in metabolism leads to the origin of many serious diseases in the long run. The common diseases for which an obese person is at risk are Hypertension, diabetes mellitus, joint disorders, heart disease, etc. Apart from being at risk of having such serious diseases, obesity is also a cosmetic issue. It affects emotional health and decreases confidence levels as well. It also affects the mobility of these persons.

So, loss of weight in terms of fat reduction is desirable in obese people to reduce the risk of these diseases. It also keeps the person physically fit. Additionally, for people who are already suffering from diseases such as diabetes mellitus, hypothyroidism, osteoarthritis, etc., weight loss in them helps in their better management. So, how to lose weight?

The majority of our body weight is composed of the weight of bones, fluids, muscle mass, and body fat. When we talk about intentional weight loss, the main concern is to lose extra body fat than to lose other vital contents of the body. But most of the time, people end up losing other vital contents more than body fat. Intentional weight should be lost in such a way that the energy levels and general health of the aspirant don’t get affected.

Loss of weight can be achieved by expending more calories than its intake. So in this process, one should reduce his/her calorie intake along with increased physical exertion to burn out calories. This should be done in such a way that the energy levels and the metabolism of our body would not get disturbed.

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To achieve the above two objectives, one should adopt the following methods to reduce weight without disturbing the harmony of our body:

1. Reduce starches and sugars from the diet

This way, you reduce the amount of carbohydrate intake in the body. This will help in the consumption of fat instead of carbohydrates when the demand for energy arrives in the body, and in this way, it will help in the reduction of fat stores from the body.

2. Consume more proteins and leafy vegetables

Including more proteins and leafy vegetables in your diet helps in lowering the frequent hunger sensations. This results because these foods take more time in their digestion and hence remains a long time in the food canal, hence giving a sensation of fullness in the abdomen and decreasing the urge to eat, for example, meat, seafood, eggs, cabbage, spinach, lettuce, cucumber, etc.

3. Exercise

Start exercising every day. This can be done in many ways, like by joining the gym, doing aerobic exercises, doing Zumba dance, yoga, running and jogging, etc. Though it can be started at home, too best results are seen when training programs for any of the above activities have been joined, as the trainer keeps you feel motivated

The above three measures are essential for any weight loss program. But the biggest challenge which comes during this phase is repeated hunger drives, weakness, and frequent loss of motivation. For motivation, the above-stated activities can be joined. For the other two factors, a homeopathic preparation of phytolacca berries can be used. Phytolacca berry is chiefly a homoeopathic medicine for weight loss. It helps in the reduction of hunger drive. It also helps in reducing acidity as well as weakness caused by lower food intake. Dr Willmar Schwabe’s medicine for weight loss and Phytolacca berry tablets are available in the market. These are Schwabe medicine for weight loss prepared with all the cautions and care to provide us with the genuine product and hence their optimum efficacy.

Phytolacca Berry Tablets for Weight Management

Dr Willmar Schwabe’s Phytolacca berry tablets help in the regulation of fat metabolism, reduce weight, and maintain it without weakness. This is done by altering the appetite of the person. It is also indicated for females who retain weight after childbirth without affecting their general health. 1-2 tablets can be taken a day thrice to achieve weight loss along with the above-stated measures. Also, no side effects are known of this drug till now.

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