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What happens when your skin starts to take a different texture, color or appearance? When such a situation occurs it is usually deemed as a skin rash, which could happen to anyone. They are relatively common in nature but can fill your day with agonizing pain and cause irritation. The skin gets inflamed due to allergens and may distort the...

2017-06-23 15:15:47

Homeopathy works on a powerful scientific system, and its primary objective is to heal through the natural sources. It follows the simple rule that the main reason of illness is the person itself. The doctors prescribe the medicine that matches your signs and symptoms as you are experiencing them. Their first considerations are based on...

2017-06-23 15:00:13

A single episode of happiness can leave a smile on your face, and at the same time, it can lead you to a stressful event. It affects your mind and body equally and directs you to more diseases such as depression, stomach disorders, stroke and heart disease. Ignoring these little episodes of anxiety can end up damaging your health. It is good to...

2017-06-22 19:06:32

Stretch marks are a result of skin scarring due to unexpected weight gain or abrupt weight loss. It also occurs during the third trimester of pregnancy or due to hormonal changes taking place during puberty or body building. They are off colour and appear on the skin in the shades of pink and red. Over time these marks turn silver or off color...

2017-06-22 18:56:58

Sleep is a natural process that plays an essential role in everyone's life. It helps the body to recover from the movements made in daytime and improve the functioning of brain. As per the studies, the reasons for insomnia are different for everyone. This natural process affects everybody in a different way. It also depends on how much sleep is...

2017-06-21 13:46:07

Skin diseases can affect anyone and everyone and at any phase of life. Developing  various skin related disorders is considered natural these days. Some of the fundamental reasons of skin ailments are the alteration in the lifestyle, food habits and hormonal changes. Most persistent are acne, rashes, dermatitis, scaly skin, warts, dryness of...

2017-06-21 12:53:45

The name ‘arthritis’ brings to the mind old people facing this problem due to wear and tear of joints. With the new generation and their lifestyle, the old dogma of arthritis being the disease of old people has changed. The young generation which includes children, as well as men and women between thirty to forty, are also facing the same...

2017-06-19 14:44:50

Being overweight or obese is becoming common these days. But they affect overall health and lead you to more chronic diseases. It is scientifically known as abnormal or excessive fat accumulation. But it is curable with some effective homeopathy medicines for weight loss. It has a high success rate in weight loss because of its holistic...

2017-06-19 14:33:08

Diarrhoea is a common disease amongst children and elders. Talking about the case of children first; it might become chronic if not treated properly. Children are sensitive, and their immune system attracts infections easily than elders. Parents usually ignore the initial signs and treat it with temporary home remedies. They consider it as a...

2017-06-17 14:15:01

The change in lifestyle has a great impact on the functioning of a human body. A small alteration in the way of living is not always good for the health, either it's favorable or unfavorable at times. The later ones bring discomfort with certain diseases. Heart disease is on the top of the list when we talk about illness caused by sedentary...

2017-06-17 14:06:04

The summers have arrived and you might be searching for some refreshing skin care products, in particular for the face. Need not worry anymore, B&T brings an exotic face wash for all types of skin. As a face is the most sensitive part of your body, it requires more care. This product is prepared from natural extracts of Neem, Calendula,...

2017-06-16 15:30:24

Shredding of hairs can be one of the primary reasons for losing self-confidence. The present lifestyle makes us  prone to the difficult situations such as hair fall, dandruff, and dull hair which conclusively leads to hair loss. This problem has affected both men and women in the same way. There are numerous causes for hair loss such as...

2017-06-16 15:25:10

Hair fall is one of the dreaded problems for us humans. It is one issue which if not treated on time can cause baldness. Besides, it is a myth that baldness occurs only in men. Women face the problem of baldness too. There are several factors which are responsible for causing hair fall. Stress Environmental factors Hereditary...

2017-06-13 17:05:05

Kidney stoneis a painful condition. The function of kidneys is to purify blood and remove the excessive minerals and salts. When there is an unnatural build-up of chemical substances, the formation of stones occurs. These stones are not painful as long as they are in the kidney but the moment they pass into the urinary tract, they inhibit the...

2017-06-13 16:43:25

We know that the medicines for the children should be natural, free from harmful chemicals and cause no side effects. Because of the fact that children are delicate and their immunity system becomes more weak during the time of infections,they are prone to  disease attack. Here, we are giving you five reasons to cure the common ailments of your...

2017-06-12 14:45:04

It's often hard to know what your babies and children are trying to say. At times it is tough to understand and analyze the reason behind their discomfort and pain. But as a parent, you always want to contribute the best things to your child. This is the reason you want to protect them from every bad experience and nurture the little ones in the...

2017-06-12 11:01:10

Is it difficult for you to adjust in your favorite clothes because of that extra inch of body mass? Do you know this phase is called obesity? You should take proper actions to reduce the extra gained weight. The process of weight loss is not easy. But you can make it effective with the authentic German homeopathic medicines in India. Obesity...

For Effective Weight Management: Try Phytolacca Berry Tablets
2017-05-26 15:02:32

Occasionally we have come across people who prefer homeopathic medicine over others. Mainly due to these medications being mild and with unperceived side-effects they are favored for a long time in the history of India. Owing to this fact, India has seen a steady growth in doctors specializing in homeopathic treatment along with the schools...

Advantages of buying Homeopathic Medicines online
2017-05-26 13:34:18

A good homeopathic treatment can completely heal various symptoms of depression. Today, we're discussing about some of the best homeopathy medicine for depression that have shown very encouraging outcomes. Depression is a state of low mood and dislikes to actions that can affect a person's ideas, habits, emotional responses and sense of...

10 Successful Homeopathic Remedies for Depression
2017-05-26 13:01:23

Diabetes is a metabolic disease. It is a result of the pancreas not producing sufficient insulin, or body cells not reacting accurately to the quantity of insulin produced. Diabetes is a dangerous and intricate situation; at times it results in life-altering body changes. People who suffer from diabetes have high blood glucose; it is usually...

An Overview: Diabetes and its Cure with Homeopathy
2017-05-26 12:59:03
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