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Children’s Diseases and Safe Management with Homeopathy

Children at all ages and stages are vulnerable to seasonal colds and cough. Exposing them to antibiotics for every bout leaves them with ill effects and disturbs their natural immune response. For children it is best to employ a natural and safe method of treatment that not only tackles their infection mildly and gently but also enhances their immune system in due course. Homeopathy is such a natural system of medicine and has no side effects for the children. Read on to learn about the best homeopathic medicines for children and infants in various ailments.

For children’s cough and cold homeopathic medicines are many. Biocombination No. 10, Nisikind, Rhinikind, Tussikind, Tussistin and Luffakind are all products by Schwabe India that take care of cough, colds and rhinitis in children. These are indicated in a variety of conditions such as seasonal cold, dry cough, cough with phlegm, tonsillitis, allergic rhinitis, flu, sore throats and upper respiratory tract infections. It is always important that the correct remedy be taken after examination and prescription by a qualified doctor. Children are sensitive to even a small amount of medicine and knowing the correct dosage and repetition of medicine is necessary. Often colds and cough may be accompanied by fever. This is because when the body gets infected it tries to kill off the disease-causing bacteria in the bloodstream by raising the body temperature. Thus, fever is a natural defensive response of the body and should not arouse panic in parents. If your child has cold and cough with fever consult a qualified homeopathic physician; homeopathic medicines not only lower the temperature but treat the infection leading to a natural recovery. During fevers plenty of water must be taken to ward off dehydration. A temperature chart must be maintained. Blood tests do not reveal any diagnostic clue until the third day, so it is better to undergo specific tests only when they have been advised by the doctor. Generally, fevers with cold and cough resolve completely within two or three days with appropriate homeopathic medicine.

Parents often fret about their children’s height and weight. Regular monitoring of these parameters and referencing with the expected value for the child’s age can give an idea about the growth status of the child. For children who are lean, weak or not growing as predicted, homeopathic medicine to increase height and weight in children are available and effective. Calcarea phosphorica is an effective homeopathic medicine for children’s height as it affects the bone tissues and promotes growth.

There are certain other children’s problems that need attention. Some children may take time to develop training for urination. Bed-wetting is extremely common and in some cases persists even past the age of three to four years. It is always a good habit to make the child go for urine before bedtime. This establishes a healthy habit for lifetime and chances of bed wetting are minimized. When such interventions fail to clear up the tendency, homeopathic medicines may be effectively employed to break the habit.

Digestion issues are common in children. Infants frequently suffer from colic as they are unable to digest the food being taken. For colic and indigestion homeopathic remedies are useful and effective and develop the assimilation power of the child. Teething troubles in infants are often encountered in children and these may come along with fever. Charmodent is a helpful product to manage teething symptoms in children. Another related issue is the problem of worms. Worm troubles are common in young children. Symptoms include craving for sweets, grinding of teeth at night and bed wetting. Worms may also be passed in stools. Worm troubles seriously hamper growth and development of children. The face may become sickly and pale and the child becomes cranky and irritable. These complaints are all manageable with homeopathic medicine.

School going children encounter learning difficulties sometimes when their concentration may falter. It is imperative to go for routine eye check-ups even for children because nowadays even young children suffer from vision difficulties. It is not unusual to find refractive errors (commonly myopia) in school going children. If a child suffers from poor concentration even with normal vision he may require homeopathic intervention. It is a common complaint among parents that their child studies diligently and yet is unable to remember what he learnt at the time of examination. Concentration abilities in children can be enhanced with homeopathy and students can achieve up to their full potential. It is frequently seen that marks improve significantly after adequate homeopathic treatment. Bacopa monnieri 1x is a helpful product by Schwabe India in this regard.

Children are exposed to a multitude of infectious agents every day. Growing children are naturally curious and may encounter harmful substances in their zeal to explore their world. It is essential that children’s immunity be developed fully and strongly so that their chances of contracting infections be minimal. Along with a healthy and balanced diet rich in nutrients the role of homeopathic medicines is also significant. Anekind by Schwabe India helps cure anemia in children. Munostim helps enhance the immunity. All types of ailments in children can be effectively and safely managed by best homeopathic products from Schwabe India.