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Biocombination No. 24

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Tonic: Nerves & Brain

Tonic: Nerves & Brain • Used as a tonic for nerves and brain.

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Indications: A general tonic for all chronically wasting diseases; anemia of young quickly growing people, Recommended for women who have been weakened by frequent childbearing. General debility and exhaustion with lack of vitality.


Vitality has both physical and psychological factors. The physical factors are taken care by nutrition, proper adjustments of diet but weakness of nerves and biological response of different tissues are controlled by higher centers, Brain needs apart from amino acids and nutrients, salts which are offered in this product. Extensive studies have been done on structure and functioning of nerves tissues, role of chemicals, effect of sodium, potassium on bio-electricity and consequential kinetics of reactions, excitability and conductivity vis-a-vis the electrolytes, organs and sensations. These are known to depend on depolarisation and they are complexly connected to brain and spine. The network of nerves and their intimate connection to brain are responsible for efficient control of the bodily functions. Bioplasgen/Biocombination 24 has ingredients favourably affecting the tone of different organs and vitality.

Muscular weakness and cramps are also dependent on the mineral content of the tissues consisting them.

Composition: Calcarea phosphorica 3x, Ferrum phosphoricum 3x, Kalium phosphoricum 3x, Magnesium phosphoricum 3x, Natrum phosphoricum 3x in equal proportion.??

Proven indication of the ingredients within the claimed sphere of action:

Calcarea phosphorica: Itis linked to calcium metabolism and is useful in chronic wasting diseases. It has a special affinity where bone forms sutures. The characteristic sensations of nerve weakness like numbness and crawling are covered by this drug.

Ferrum phosphoricum: Itis linked to haemoglobin and oxygen supply for tissues. It covers anaemia and nervous weakness. It covers general debility.

Kalium phosphoricum: It is linked to potassium and phosphate metabolism very essential for the brain, and nervous system, and is useful in neurasthenia, mental and physical depression, tiredness, and exhaustion.

Magnesium phosphoricum: Itis linked to the role of Magnesium in nerve reflexes, and tissues and is useful for the cramping of muscles with radiating pains, neuralgic pains relieved by warmth, inability to think clearly and pain due to mental labour.

Natrum phosphoricum: Itis linked to sodium and phosphate metabolism and is useful in controlling acidity, and supply of adequate Na+. A situation like metabolic acidosis in physiological term reduces cardiac function, constricts peripheral veins, inhibit the hepatic metabolism of lactate and may also impair consciousness. These factors are well-taken care of by this ingredient of Bioplasgen/Biocombination 24.

Contra-indication: Nil. It is a safe, non-toxic, non-addictive drug with no side effects. Dosage: Adults 4 tablets, children 2 tablets, at a time, four times a day at intervals of three hours. Presentation: Tablets in bottles of 20g

Alcohol: There is no reported safety concern if it is taken with alcohol.

Pregnancy: It is safe to take during pregnancy.

Driving: It is safe to use during driving.

Breastfeeding/Lactation: It can be used while breastfeeding.

Kidney: There is no known contraindication with kidney diseases.

Sugar: It does not affect blood sugar levels.

Immunity: It will not affect the immunity of an individual.

Liver: It is safe for the liver.

High blood pressure/Hypertension: It is safe to use in patients with hypertension.

Low blood pressure: It will not lower the blood pressure.

Heart: It does not contain any ingredient which will affect the heart.

Mentally retarded: There is no known contraindication with mentally retarded persons.

Post covid impacts: There is no known contraindication with post covid impacts.

Diarrhea: It will not cause any diarrhea.

Gastric: There are no known effects on the gastrointestinal system.

Empty stomach: It is preferably to be taken after a meal.

Skin allergy: There is no skin allergy when using Biocombination No.24.

Habit: It is not a habit-forming product.

Overdose: In case of overdose, drink lots of water or consult a physician.

Storage: It has to be stored in a cool dark place, away from sunlight and strong-smelling substances.

Temperature: The temperature should be 25 degrees centigrade.


Biocombination No.24 is the homeopathic preparation composed of Calcarea phosphorica, Ferrum phosphoricum, Kalium phosphoricum, Magnesium phosphoricum, and Natrum muriaticum in equal proportion. It is used as a nerve and brain tonic. It is also a tonic for general health.

Yes, it is suitable for children.

It has to be taken as long as the symptoms are better or till the improvement sets in or otherwise as prescribed by the physician.

Yes, it is safe to take Biocombination No.24.

No, it does not cause any dryness in the mouth.

Biocombination No.24 is used as a tonic for nerves, and the brain, and a general tonic for all chronically wasting diseases, anemia of young girls, and for women who have been weakened by frequent childbearing. It is used as a supplement for general debility and exhaustion with a lack of vitality

It should be taken as 4 tablets for adults, and 2 tablets for children, at a time, four times a day at intervals of three hours or otherwise as prescribed by the physician.

Biocombination No.24 is composed of Calcarea phosphorica, Ferrum phosphoricum, Kalium phosphoricum, Magnesium phosphoricum, and Natrum phosphoricum. Calcarea phosphorica is indicated in acute and chronic wasting diseases, weak extremities, feeble digestion, numbness and crawling sensation, a tendency to perspiration, and glandular enlargements. It is also a remedy for forgetfulness, after grief and vexation, scrofulosis and phthisis. Ferrum phosphoricum is indicated in febrile conditions, nervous, sensitive, anemic and easy flushing, prostration marked, pulse soft and flowing, acute exacerbation of tuberculosis, inflammatory, febrile, emaciating, and wasting diseases. Magnesium phosphoricum is especially suited to tire, languid, exhausted individuals, indisposition for mental exertion, inability to think clearly, sleeplessness, weakness in arms and hands, finger-tips stiffness and numbness, and general muscular weakness. Kalium phosphoricum is one of the greatest nerve remedies, for prostration, weak, tired, specially adapted to young subjects, marked sympathetic nervous system, conditions arising from want of nerve power, neurasthenia, mental and physical depression, conditions caused by excitement, overwork and worry, a state of adynamia and decay, anxiety, nervous dread, lethargy, extreme lassitude and depression, very nervous, starts easily, irritable, brain fag, hysteria, night terrors, somnambulance, loss of memory, slightest work causes weakness and great despondency. Natrum phosphoricum is indicated in diabetes and lactic acid excess where the weakness is very marked, weariness, flatulence, and cracking of joints.

No side effects have been reported so far.

It is not a problem if you skip a few doses, but don’t take double doses.

Ginseng 1X, Ferrum phosphoricum, Kali phosphoricum, Iodum CH, Natrum muriaticum CH.

Each tablet of Biocombination No.24 contains Calcarea phosphorica 3X 20mg, Ferrum phosphoricum 3X 20mg, Kali phosphoricum 3X 20mg, Magnesium phosphoricum 3X 20mg and Natrum muriaticum 3X 20mg.

Manufactured in India by Dr. Willmar Schwabe India Pvt. Ltd. A-36, Sector-60, Uttar Pradesh, Noida – 201304.

Country of Origin: India.

Registered office Address: Dr. Willmar Schwabe India Pvt. Ltd. H-36, Green Park Extension, New Delhi, Pin: 110016.

Expiry: 5 years for the date of manufacturing.


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