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Kali phosphoricum

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Weakness of muscles and nerves

Kali phosphoricum homeopathic medicine is an excellent remedy for nervous exhaustion and symptoms brought on by the fatigue of the nervous system. These include complaints such as anxiety, restlessness, fatigue and stress. It is hence a good remedy for exam fear and diarrhea brought on by the same. It is also a helpful remedy for lack of sleep and complaints such as insomnia. Kali phosphoricum is a tissue remedy (biochemic remedy or Schuessler salt) and is present in the nerve, muscle, brain and blood cells of the body. It is hence useful in conditions caused by a derangement of the same. It is highly recommended in complaints brought on by over excitement, over use or stress from chronic worries.

What is Kali phosphoricum? 

Kali phosphoricum is a specially prepared tissue remedy made from the elements Potassium and Phosphorous. It is a widely present substance in various cells of our body. It is a very helpful remedy in conditions that are caused by nervous exhaustion, stress and sleeplessness. It is useful in cases of both mental and physical fatigue. Its action is on chronic ailments and is hence useful in cases of migraines and stress headaches. It helps in increasing the physical and mental stamina of the person. It is also useful in children of a slow constitution, who lag behind their peers. It is a remedy that helps improve stagnancy and is hence of use in physical conditions arising from the same such as gangrene. 

What are the main spheres of action of this remedy? 

It is one of the greatest remedies of homeopathy. It has marked effects over cases suffering from prostration. It is very useful in complaints of young patients showing symptoms of disturbances in the nervous system. 

Kali phosphoricum Homeopathic Medicine has an effect on the following:

  • Mind: There is a persistent anxiety and dread in the mind of the person. Weakness that extends throughout all planes is also a marked symptom. There is great lethargy and a lack of will to do much in life. Even meeting people seems like a burden. It is helpful also in cases of very nervous patients, who get startled easily. They may also get irritated by the slightest of inconveniences. There is a want of sleep arising from an inability to rest along with a constant fear of work and all things related to it. There is great fear of failure. Person appears to be shy but is actually too tired to converse. 
  • Head: It is helpful in cases of headache that gets better when getting up from the bed. There is also a lot of vertigo and dizziness from the least of efforts such as looking up, turning, lying down and on standing. It is a highly useful remedy for headache in students who are over burdened or fatigued. The headache is generally better by gentle motion. It may also be accompanied by an all gone and empty feeling in the stomach.
  • Face: Face appears to be sunken with eyes deep into the sockets. All these arise as a sign of fatigue and weakness from overwork. It is also helpful in cases of right sided pain of the face such as that caused by neuralgia which gets better by cold application on painful part.  
  • Eyes: It is helpful in cases of weakness of eyesight from exhaustion. It is also of use in drooping of eyelids, another condition brought on by the nervous weakness. 
  • Ears: There is a sensation of buzzing and humming in the ears. 
  • Respiratory: It is a good remedy for nasal discharges along with a putrid odor. Throat complaints such as sore throat and hoarseness are also relieved by this remedy. It is a helpful remedy in cases of aphonic symptoms caused by over use of the vocal cords. It is also of use in cases of shortness of breath which is made worse when climbing upstairs or consuming food. Cough is accompanied by yellow and fetid expectoration. 
  • Digestive: Complaints of the stomach are accompanied by a foul odor from the mouth. Tongue seems to be coated brown, almost like it was coated with mustard. Mouth appears very dry in the morning. There is an empty feeling in the stomach as if it were completely empty. There is vomiting without nausea. It is also an excellent remedy for diarrhea especially when brought on by fear, tiredness or stress. Diarrhea may be brought on while eating and be accompanied by an offensive odor. It is a good remedy for diarrhea with blood in stool or dysentery. Since its sphere of action is mainly on the nerves, it is helpful in cases of prolapsed of the rectum as well. 
  • Female Reproductive System: It is an excellent remedy for late or scanty menses especially in females of a sensitive nature. They may even have an irritable temperament. Menses may also have a very pungent smell. 

What Dosage is to be taken of Kali phosphoricum? 

Unless otherwise recommended by your physician, Kali phosphoricum tablet uses is to be taken twice a day. Adults can take up to four tablets in a day while children can take up to two in a day.  

What are the side effects of Kali phosphoricum? 

Kali phosphoricum is a homeopathic medicine prepared from the finest quality. There are no known side effects or contraindications to the remedy. 

To conclude, Kali phosphoricum uses are mainly in complaints brought on by exhaustion and worry, causations very commonly found in the working class and students around us. It is also of great use in pains all throughout the body which are worse by exertion. It helps in complaints that get worse by mental and physical labor and by eating, by cold and early in the morning. These conditions naturally get better by rest and nourishment of the body.  We can say that it is a helpful remedy in depressive states of both the mind and the body and helps the person heal from both of them.

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Kalium phosphoricum is prepared from potassium phosphate which is one of the greatest nerve remedies for those who lack nerve power. It is used for both mental and physical exhaustion.

It is a great nerve remedy which is useful in treating anxiety and its symptoms like fatigue, stress, and muscle weakness, mental and physical exhaustion. It can relieve chronic headache due to tension and stress. It is an excellent tonic for exam stress. It increases strength both physically and mentally. It is also a good remedy for nervous diarrhea. It is effective in treating sleeplessness.

The remedy is taken as 2-4 tablets twice daily for adults and 1- 2 for children or as directed by physician.

No side effects so far reported.

Yes, it is very useful in children with poor mental abilities and physical disability.

It can be taken as long as the symptoms decline and improvement sets in.

Manufactured in India by Dr. Willmar Schwabe India Pvt. Ltd. A-36, Sector-60, Uttar Pradesh, Noida – 201304.

Country of Origin: India.

Registered office Address: Dr. Willmar Schwabe India Pvt. Ltd. H-36, Green Park Extension, New Delhi, Pin: 110016.

Expiry: 5 years for the date of manufacturing.

5 reviews for Kali phosphoricum

  1. Avatar

    Akula Harish (verified owner)

    A gift to humanity

    Kali Phos is simply an amazing remedy and an essential one for today’s stress filled life style. I have found it extremely helpful in taking the edge off all kind of problems. Once I had cut my finger by accident while working in kitchen, for which I got stitches and took pain killer. Inspite of taking pain killer the pain was too much and kept me aware at night. A single dose of Kali Phos completely cured the pain (the pain must have been from the nerves that were affected by the cut). A miracle remedy, just like all other biochemicals.

  2. Avatar

    Elango Kanmani (verified owner)

    Super Medicine

    I like this medicine for good sleep.

  3. Avatar

    Jaspal Singh


    excellent medicine for sleep

  4. Avatar

    Sundharnath Shenoy

    Good medicine for sleep

  5. Avatar

    Ish Tablet main muh main Disolaw Hine ki problem hai
    ish liye ye tablet sahi nahi hai
    ye tablet muh main gulati nahi hai

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