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Ease Sore Throat At Home – Using Homeopathy

A sore throat causes discomfort, pain, irritation. It becomes painful to swallow food and even water at times when we suffer from any throat infections. Most of the times these throat infections are caused by viral infections.

The initial symptoms of cold and cough begin with a sensitive, irritated throat, where sniffing and other signs make the situation worse. Symptoms of a bruised throat are:

  • swollen tonsils
  • enlarged and tender glands in the throat
  • episodes of pain at the back of your throat
  • discomfort while swallowing food and water
  • High-temperature fever
  • muscle ache
  • tiredness
  • cough
  • running nose
  • a headache

Homeopathy has some of the effective remedies to cure every minute sign and symptom of a sore throat without any trouble. These treatments are safe, do not harm anyone and are free from side-effects. Here is a list of the best homeopathic medicines for sore throat:

1. Belladonna It is the most prescribed medication for the problem of sore throats. When there is redness, dryness, inflamed fauces, swollen and enlarged tonsils, etc. are noticed, then this remedy does wonders. Other than this if the things worsen in the night, or there is a constant desire to swallow, it cures every minute discomfort.

2. Kali Muriattcum It is for the follicular pharyngitis. Where there is a gray or white sweat like thing, the tonsils become swollen and get inflamed. The problem with a sore throat due to the gastric disturbances is also cured quickly by Kali Mur.

3. Kali Bichromicum It acts well when the issue of a sore throat, swelling of the tonsils, ulcers with a discharge or pus is noticed or the tongue exhibits a yellow coat at the base, and there is an increase of sticky mucus in the pharynx. All these symptoms can be cured with Kali Bichromicum.

4. Cantharis- It is an efficient and useful medicine to cure throat problems,. when there is a spasm of the throat with a feeling of intense constriction or, there is a sense of fire, and the pain seems to be at the back of the throat. Cantharis has been found most useful for the inflammatory and the catarrhal sore throats. It also cures sore throats of smokers and drinkers with burning throat and contractions in swallowing.

5. Hepar Sulphur When the patient feels sharp unbearable pains in the throat, or have the sensation that there is some lump in the throat in that case Hepar sulfur is the best homeopathic medicines for sore throat. It cures the supportive throat troubles and tonsillitis.


Precautions to be taken for a sore throat:

  • Drink warm water.
  • Avoid curd, rice, and fruits.
  • Avoid milk and sugar based products.
  • Keep your medicines handy.
  • Limit smoking if you are a deadly smoker.
  • If the problem of a cough, cold and fever persists for a long time, then take advice from a general practitioner in your area.
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