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Anaemia and its treatment in Homeopathy

Anaemia is a condition where either the absolute number of red blood cells is low or the haemoglobin level in an individual RBC is low. The normal level of haemoglobin in men is about 14 -16 gm/100 ml while in a female, it is 12-14gm/100 ml.

If a person is anaemic it is likely that the person is suffering from shortness of breath very easily. This is mainly because of the decreased ability to transport oxygen in the blood. The heartbeat tends to increase disproportionately while exercising or climbing stairs. The eyes and the skin of the face, hands, and feet are pale.

5 best Homeopathic medicines for anemia

In order to properly cure anaemia, it is important to cure any dietary deficiency. In many cases, it is the digestive and assimilative capability of the patient that is the culprit and not any dietary deficiency. Homeopathic medicines are very effective in treating anaemia. Here are the 5 best homeopathic medicines for anaemia.

1. Cinchona
In cases where the cause is blood loss, Cinchona is one of the best homeopathic medicines for anaemia. Cinchona is very useful even if the blood loss has occurred due to an injury.

2. Natrum Mur
When grief due to any personal tragedy or circumstances is the cause of anaemia, Natru Mur is one of the best homeopathic medicines for anaemia. In this case, despite having a normal diet, the patient tends to be thin or skinny.

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3. Nit-acid
Sometimes due to anaemia, there is an irresistible desire to eat chalk, paper, earth or any such indigestible things; Nit-acid is one of the best homeopathic medicine for anaemia.

4. Phosphorus
Phosphorus is one of the best homeopathic medicines for anaemia when the predominant symptom is that of weakness, exhaustion or prostration.

5. Pulsatilla
This is predominantly a female remedy and often works wonders for anaemia. The nature and disposition of the person are the most important guiding symptom.

Some other medicines are:

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