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Are Your Pimples trying to convey something?

If you get frequent acne breakouts then there may be some hidden health conditions. If you continuously experience acne it may be a response to an internal trigger. It is best that you then treat it internally. So, now the question is how will you get to know if there is some condition behind your acne The answer may be as some experts suggest something called face mapping. They suggest, your pimples can give valuable inside into what is going on inside your body.

If breakouts are focused in any one (or few) of the following 5 areas of the face, they may point to specific areas of the bodies being imbalanced.

5 Issues Your Pimples are Indicating

1. Forehead

If you are breaking out on your forehead, it means that you may have a weak digestive system and you are likely not breaking down the foods you eat. To strengthen your digestive system, try abstaining from dense, hard-to-digest foods, such as meat, poultry, dairy, wheat, and cooking oils. Eat green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits.

2. Between the brows

Pimples appearing between your eyebrows are an indication of a weakened liver. Cut down on your fatty foods and alcohol intake. Turn to liver-cleansing foods or tonics like Alpha-liv.

3. Nose

Lots of stress and a high-fat diet can wreak havoc on your heart and blood pressure. If you break out on your nose, this is generally an indication that you need to relax and eat a lower-fat diet.

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4. Cheeks

Pimples on your cheeks may be related to your respiratory health. If you suffer from allergies or are frequently exposed to pollution, you may begin to see a few blemishes on your dimples. Try to avoid traffic-ridden areas and invest in an air purifier to undo the damage.

5. Chin

If you break out on your chin, it may be a sign of hormonal issues. Give your skin extra attention during that time of the month and start to address the even bigger problem of imbalanced hormones.

You may always take homeopathic medicines for pimples. They are safe and don’t have any side effects.

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