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5 ways to boost your immunity this monsoon

Monsoon, along with providing relief from the scorching heat also brings along the season of cold and flu. Both children and adults are prone to catching infections in this weather. Running to the doctor for every little common infection can be really tiring and cumbersome. However here, we bring to you the 5 best ways to boost your immunity this season –

1. Turmeric Milk – Turmeric has great healing properties. The warm milk only catalyzes healing. The component of turmeric is a powerful anti-oxidant and promotes immunity. So if you feel that your health is going off track, swallow down a glass- full right before bed time.

2. Eat Healthy – Sufficient minerals and vitamins are essential to provide immunity. The level of acidity can have a dramatic impact on one’s wellness. Running a slightly alkaline system is the best option for optimal health. The best way to maintain a slighly alkaline system is eat organic whole foods such as honey, nuts, seeds and vegetables. Studies suggest that citrus fruits can reduce flu and cold symptoms upto 23%. Honey has high antimicrobial properties that fight bacteria and fungus. Cultured foods have a beneficial effect on the gut’s immune system.

3. Regular exercising – Going for a daily walk or sneaking in a yoga class a few times in a week can keep you physically fit. Regular exercising boosts your immunity by increasing circulation, which allows faster transport of white blood cells. The lungs work harder and flush out the viruses. 30 minutes of exercise for all the days of the week is all you need to keep your immune system going.

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4. Eat garlic – Eating garlic regularly can do wonders to your health. Not only does it boost the immune system but also prevent heart diseases. It might not be good for smell of your breath but does wonders to your breath.


5. Resort to Homeopathy – Homeopathy is one of the best options for common problems associated with cold and cough or other illnesses during monsoons. Schwabe’s Aconitum Pentarkun controls complaints due to exposure to cold weather, relieves fever, controls headache with heaviness of eyelids and stiffness of the neck. Other medicines such as Alpha Coff, Biocombination No. 06, Kalium Muriaticum, Alpha CC have proved to be really effective making homeopathy a safe and affordable option.

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