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10 Successful Homeopathic Remedies for Depression

A good homeopathic treatment can completely heal various symptoms of depression. Today, we’re discussing about some of the best homeopathy medicine for depression that have shown very encouraging outcomes. Depression is a state of low mood and dislikes to actions that can affect a person’s ideas, habits, emotional responses and sense of well-being.?

The real difficulty in the path of treating the disease is to find the appropriate medicine that best fits the temperament and symptoms experienced by the person. In the journey of treatment you will find this situation challenging; Homeopathy medicine for depression has found a place in treating the condition. Here are some details about the best homeopathy medicines for depression without any side effects.


Aurum Metallicum

1. Arsenicum album – It is a natural medicine to cure the extreme problem of distress, in particular for those that obsess about health and look for perfection in everything. They are often depressed when they fail to reach lofty personal standards.

2. Aurum metallicum – It is best for the workaholic people with a tendency of worthlessness, distress, and aroused feelings of self-destruction after a defeat in a job or their personal life.

3. Calcarea carbonica – When people become confused with work, take tension from their job profile this medicine affects a lot. At the time a person may develop tiredness, worry, self-pity, sadness and confusion. It is helpful for individuals who suffer from insomnia and periods of laziness.

4. Causticum?– When a person mourns for the loss he comes across forgetfulness, constant crying for hours, and mental boredom. These people at particular time feel sympathetic toward others, or they can have an annoyed and pessimistic outlook towards everything around.

5. Ignatia amara – Ignatia is good for sensitive people that tend to overwhelm frustration or painful thoughts. These people do not want to appear as helpless, irritable and moody individuals in the eyes of others. At times they may laugh out loudly or cry without any reason.

6. Kali phosphoricum – When a person is undergoing a regular treatment with Kali phos it means he has feelings of depression. These feelings of tension or emotional incidence are occurring continuously with agitation, fatigue, lack of attention, headaches, insomnia and anemia.

7. Natrum carbonicum – The people who are sensitive and patient by nature but at times try to avoid conflict and usually becomes depressed after some incidence of failure. They also feel lonely, become isolated, withdraw themselves from the outside world and listen to sad music.

8. Pulsatilla nigricans – It is one of the best homeopathy medicines for depression,. when the people weep and feel blue. At this time they need lots of encouragement and recognition. In short, they are moody, jealous, and whiny. Other than Pulstallia their mood improves with a walk in the fresh air, or cry.

9. Sepia – Sepia is the best medicine if a person wants to be alone and may become angry when other people show their concern for their sadness. They may feel better after crying, and they prefer not to sympathize.

10.Natrum muraticum – If a person requires Natrum muraticum it means he often cover his inner feelings such as anger, fear of misfortune, grief or romantic attachment for something. These people are reserved, and they look for solitude around them?and has proved to be one of the best homeopathic medicine for depression.

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