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Stop Coughing with these easy remedies

Persistent coughs are uncomfortable, both physically and mentally. Below are a few successful remedies to treat your cold and cough easily -?

1. Take Honey ? Studies reveal that honey can work efficiently to calm a cough than the over the counter drugs. It’s high viscosity and stickiness does a brilliant work of coating and also soothing the irritated membranes. If the cough is due to bacterialinfection, you may shorten how long the cough stays. This will support the homeopathy medicine for cold and cough you are already taking.

2. Stay hydrated ? An upper respiratory infection causes secretion of mucous. However, drinking fluids helps to reduce the mucous. The liquid keeps the mucous membranes moist. This is an effective remedy in winters and is very helpful as houses tend to be dry acting as another cause of cough.

3. Gargle Salt Water ? This is a well-known remedy for sore throats. Salt water is known to ease the discomfort caused by cough. When the concentration of salt is higher outside of the cells, water flows out of the cells in the mucous membrane. When water leaves the cells, swelling goes down and discomfort is reduced. If you have cough thats comes with inflammated tissue, this is a good route to go to.

4. Turmeric Milk ? The cough treatment has been used extensivley for so long. Add a pinch of turmeric to a warm glass of milk before bedtime. The warm milk calms your throat and lets you sleep. Turmeric also referred to as the golden spice is a cure for many problems as it is an natural antibiotic.

5. Aloe Vera ? Aloe Vera has anti-inflammatory properties that makes it a perfect choice for scratchy cough. Add some honey in a glass of aloe vera juice and you are good to go.

6. Blend almonds ? Some ancient traditions believe that almonds help in relieving bronchial problems. It is recommended to blend a few teaspoons of finely grounded almonds with a cup of orange juice. This natural remedy is known to do wonders.



Homeopathy medicine for cold and cough has also proved to give speedy and effective results. Schwabe’s Aconitum Pentarkan, Alpha CC, Alpha Coff, Biocombination No.06 and Tussistin have give considerable amount of results. One can also resort to homeopathy medicine for cold and cough for effective recovery.

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