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Essential Tips To Prevent And Treat Hair Fall

Hair fall is one of the dreaded problems for us humans. It is one issue which if not treated on time can cause baldness. Besides, it is a myth that baldness occurs only in men. Women face the problem of baldness too. There are several factors which are responsible for causing hair fall.

  • Stress
  • Environmental factors
  • Hereditary
  • Infection
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Usage of hair products unsuitable for skin and hair
  • Deficiency of iron
  • Nutritional Deficiency

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To prevent such mishaps, there are few preventions which can be taken into consideration such as:
1. Meditation: It is a successful therapy to get rid of stress and boosts the inner energy helping in better growth of hair.

2. Aloe Vera: Hair care products containing aloe vera as their key ingredient helps in reduction of hair fall. Using the extract from aloe plant and applying it on hair as a gel helps too.

3. Hot oil massage: Giving the hair and scalp a massage of hot oil (coconut or almond-7 o l contain these) gives nourishment to the roots.

4. Hair treatment at a facility: Be it a salon or a clinic, getting your hair treated for the baldness helps in the long run.

5. Supplements: Taking the supplements to treat the vitamin related deficiencies prove fruitful. Consult your doctor first to determine the deficiency your body is facing.

6. Lifestyle: Somewhere or the other lifestyle is also a major factor in bringing out body changes. A change of lifestyle for the better one helps in prevention of hair loss and increase in the intake of proper nutrients.

7. Shampoo: Use the suitable homeopathic shampoo for hair fall which is much better.

Since, shampoos are essential products in every known hair care range the best ones are? the ones enriched with natural herbs since they are less prone to damaging hair. It proves in the best interest of the people that there are shampoos which prevent hair fall but cause roughness and dryness in hair. B&T Arnica shampoo is the best option for those seeking shampoo for hair fall with natural ingredients. It consists of:

a) Arnica: A herb used for prevention of dandruff and hair fall

b) Jaborandi: The leaves of this herb are used for premature greying

c) Salvia: This plant is used to prevent premature graying.

It is chemically non-toxic and boosts the growth of hair and keeps the scalp dandruff free. The hair does not get rough after its usage. It is gentle on sensitive skin and can be used on the kids having issues with the dandruff.

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