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All About Mama Natura Range

It’s often hard to know what your babies and children are trying to say. At times it is tough to understand and analyze the reason behind their discomfort and pain. But as a parent, you always want to contribute the best things to your child. This is the reason you want to protect them from every bad experience and nurture the little ones in the best possible way. Understanding all your requirements Schwabe India, one of the renowned homeopathy brands in India has launched a unique formulation for kids. It’s Mama Natura, a complete range for children providing natural medicines without any toxins. All the medicines included in this kindi range are tested and have no side-effects. It covers most of your baby’s illnesses. Here, we are giving you genuine reasons to choose mama natura and give the best protection to your growing kids.

  • Kindi range offers specially formulated easy-to-take medicines.
  • It covers a wide variety of common problem such as anemia, colic, digestion, teething problems in toddlers, cough, cold, running nose, bed wetting, weak immune system, etc in children.
  • They are free from alcohol.
  • Do not have high potency.
  • No side-effects or secondary effects to harm your sensitive kids.
  • They fight best as energizers to the immune system and increase your child’s ability to fight disease.

Here at Schwabe, we realize your all necessities. And we feel blessed to contribute the most natural options in the form of mama natura. Some of the most used medicines are, Anekind-for anemia, Calciokind-for calcium related issues, Chamodent– for teething problem, Colikind-for abdominal colic, Enukind-for bedwetting, Kindigest, Kindival, Luffakind, Nisikind, Rinikind, Munostim, and Tussikind. No doubts they will help your child to combat various symptoms and disease in a friendly way.

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In the end, we make a generous appeal to all the parents to be more careful They are sensitive, so the infections attract their weaker immune system quickly and invade their good health. And a single episode of illness makes your child weak and dull. The best way to protect your kids is to give them proper diet enriched with vitamins, proteins, and minerals required by their age group. In the case of children and newborn babies do not opt for self-medication. Just discover our gentle and therapeutic homeopathic range and provide natural relief to your baby instantly with mama natura. Homeopathy has a personalized medicine for each and every symptom and condition. But always consult the physician before giving the medication.

  • Anekind
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    130.00 106.60
  • Kindival
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    130.00 106.60
  • Enukind
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    130.00 106.60
  • Colikind
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    130.00 106.60
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