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Boosting Your Child’s Immune System With Schwabe’s Mama Natura Kit

Children require more care and attention than love. They are unaware of the facts and do not take things seriously. Being a parent, it is your duty to guard and teach them about health and hygiene. Considering this severe issue, Schwabe has launched a particular range of medicines under the name of Mama Natura. It offers specially formed and easy to take homeopathic medicines. These remedies cover a broad spectrum of problems that are faced by growing kids. It might be mild cold and flu, cough, digestion issues, teething troubles, running nose, bed wetting, weak immune defense and much more?

Here are top five medicines that are included in the Mama Natura Kit. You can surely consider them for your child overall health. If the problems remain the same, it is advised to consult the child specialist or an expert general practitioner.

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  1. Munostim We all are familiar that a child’s body is weak from inside,s/ he has less power to resist any infection and disease. Considering this issue, Munostim was brought in the market. It prevents the tendency of repeated attacks and stops the symptoms of illness in children.
  2. Nisikind If the problem offever/flu, continuous cough and cold persist Nisikind controls all the common respiratory problems. It provides relief from muscle pain and fever.
  3. Rinikind It relieves rhinitis and other allergic conditions.Allergic Rhinitis is known as hay fever which is caused by pollen. It is an allergic response causing itchy, watery eyes in children, stuffy nose, runny nose, sneezing and nasal discharge.
  4. Tussikind It is the best remedy if your child is suffering from a cough and congestion related issues. The feeling of blockage, irritation, and dryness of the mouth can be cured with Tussikind.
  5. Luffakind It controls the allergic indications like pollinosis and other allergic conditions in children.

The best part of these homeopathic medicines is that they are free from alcohol. It does not contain high potencies, and no or minimal side effects. Moreover, they are prepared in such a way that they increase the resistance power in children to fight with diseases and become healthy from inside.

Doctors advise that it is good to inculcate healthy habits in your kids. Adopting a balanced day plan will give your child’s immune system a healthy boost. And the primary hard work has to be done by the parents.

  • Increase seasonal fruits and vegetables in their diet.
  • Make them sleep at a proper time.
  • Breast feed your baby.
  • Involve them in physical activities.
  • Defend them against germs and pollution.
  • Make them learn the habits of cleanliness, daily bathing, brushing, etc.
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