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5 Facts and Myths You Should Know About Acne!

Homeopathy treatment for acne is a very safe and natural treatment. Homeopathic medicines for acne by Schwabe such as B&T Akne- Sor Soap, Hepar Sulphuris pentarkan, Biocombination No. 20, Silicea, Topi Berberis Cream, etc work in a very gentle and effective way without any harsh external applications. Here are some facts and myths about the same –

Facts –

1. Sun exposure can help minimize breakouts – Spending a small duration of time can be beneficial but too much is a bad thing. It can cause more breakouts and darken the existing scars.

2. Resist the urge to tan away acne – Although there is evidence that sun exposure improves the acne symptoms, it also has increased risk for skin cancer and accelerated skin again. The benefits are so weak that it doesn’t justify the risk.

3. Squeezing pimples harm you – Most people squeeze pimples in the hope to heal them quickly but this can lead to scarring. So resist the urge to squeeze.

4. Overwashing your face can aggravate it – Over cleansing the face can actually exacerbate your acne problems. It dries the skin producing more oil so is better to stick to morning and night regimen – cleanse, medicate and moisturize.

5. Stress can futher cause acne breakouts – Stress is neither good for your body nor for the skin. One may not have complete control over the stress in your life but can find healthy ways to deal with it. You can try meditation or yoga to control the acne breakouts.

Myths –

1. Exercise worsens acne – Many acne patients tend to believe that working up a sweat can trigger an acne outbreak. The sweat generated does not contribute to pimples. So don’t skip your exercise to save your skin as you will miss out on health benefits of exercise.

2. Chocolate triggers acne outbreaks – Neither chocolate, nor pizza or any other specific foods is known to cause acne. Staying hydrated and eating a healthy diet can actually improve your skin.

3. Acne is caused only because of dirt – This not true. There are multiple reasons such as hormonoal changes, that might create a situation or worsen the acne problem.

4. Don’t wear makeup – This is another widely accepted myth. One can wear makeup but needs to avoid products that might seep into the face. Instead, one should look for oil-free products but doesn’t harm or aggravate the issue.

5. Use more and more acne medicines to stop breakout – As the acne medicines contain drying agents such as the benzoyl peroxide and salycylic acid, using too much may actually cause overdrying and lead to skin irritation and blemishes.

Homeopathy treatment for acne treats the acne from the root.

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