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Menstrual Cramps- Remedies That Will Surely Help You!

Who hasn’t suffered menstrual cramps? Well, most of you have faced them. Those five days bring plenty of pain and discomfort. It might be worse than a nightmare for a few of you. But things have changed with the evolution of homeopathic medicines. They help you face every problem with ease. The best part is these remedies are safe and you can avail of their benefits with any other ongoing treatment as well.

So, these homeopathic medicines for painful menstruation are helpful for everyone. Here is the list:

1. Belladonna If you have throbbing and violent pains, which become worse when you turn to the right side then belladonna is more suitable. The sudden onset, heavy flow of bright red, clotted, profuse bleeding not in control and an uneasy congested feeling in the uterus, are the key indications to use Belladonna. It helps more when you are lying down and taking a rest.

2. Chamomilla If the person is hypersensitive and intolerant to the pain- very irritable, quickly turns to angry and inconsolable or she suffers from intense pains which extend down towards inner thighs, the blood may be black with large clots, Chamomilla is the remedy.

3. Colocynthis There’s a bit more emphasis on the amelioration from hard pressure with this one. If she feels thirsty, irritable, and indignant and becomes more responsive to the anger and aggravates badly then colocynthis proves to be the best medicine.


4. Magnesium Phosphoricum It is a universal homeopathic medicine for painful menstruation. Period pain is common with every second woman during her periods. It proves to be helpful in reducing bloating, backache, discomfort in the lower abdomen, etc. It helps when the flow is dark, she wants to be nurtured and feels better with hot baths. It may become worse on turning to the right side, Increased thirst for drinking cold liquids is one of the key indications when Mag phos does wonders when taken with warm water and sipped at frequent intervals, it gives quick relief. Most of the girls keep it handy in their handbags for instant relief.

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5. Pulsatilla When the menses cycle is irregular, and the flow is irregular then this remedy is indicated.- Pulsatilla person is weepy, unstable, shy, helpless, feels safe and relaxed in the open air, and prefers to stroll in cold weather.

If you are suffering from any of these symptoms or any painful period pain, then homeopathy is best for you. Now no need to hide under the sheets, or soak in the hot tubs. These homeopathic medicines for painful menstruation are perfect for every type of pain you go through, as each one treats different kinds of signs and symptoms.

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