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Tips to come out of Depression Naturally

Depression is a very common ailment now that has become mankind’s psychological plague. There are multiple reasons why depression is seeing a significant rise- stress at work, strained relationships, increasing competition, lack of time to deal with issues, etc.
Although professional help is always preferable, there are some natural ways to deal with the depression that can help you overcome it.

1. Set a routine and then Occasionally Break it

Although it may sound ironic, get into a routine. Start working and for that start waking up at a particular time. Start your day by making your bed and fixing yourself a good breakfast. Follow this for the entire week and then treat yourself by doing something that is out of the ordinary. Make sure that it is something constructive. This way you will start to have a purpose in life and will wait for that one day when you break the routine to have a good time.

2. Eat Meals on Time

Part of following a routine is eating your meals on time. It will make you feel better and hence elevate your mood that may be low because of a lack of energy. If you are cooking your own meals then that will make you feel better too.

3. Start Exercising

Anything that gets you moving will help. Start to engage yourself in an outdoor activity, preferably in the morning so that your entire day goes well.

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4. Sleep on Time

Staying up for long hours at night and missing out on daylight will make you more gloomy as time passes. Try to sleep on time and wake up while there is still ample time for daylight left.

5. Take on Responsibility

Start by keeping a potted plant or by visiting an old family member on a regular basis. Having responsibilities gives you meaning in life and hence helps you get out of depression faster.

6. Talk to Someone

Nothing better than talking your heart out to someone. Find someone whom you trust and if you cannot then just talk to an animal or even a plant. You could also pen down your thoughts in a diary if you like. The idea is to get the negative thoughts out of your system.

7. Control the Addictions

This includes alcohol, tea, coffee, cigarettes, etc. Going overboard with stimulants is sure to bring a low phase when their effects start to fade and then you are stuck in a cycle of repetition to make their high phase last longer.

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8. Reclaim your childhood hobbies

Start doing what you loved doing the most as a child and it will surely bring you joy. The reason why most people suffering from depression are adults is not that they have picked up something new, it is because they have forgotten the old. This includes their favourite hobbies and passes times. So start drawing, running, dancing, singing, swimming or whatever it was that made you happy as a child.

9. Forgive

Even though a lot of things in our life are unforgivable, both when someone else is guilty or when the guilt is eating ourselves, try to let go of that and along with it the pain that it brings to us.

10. Try Homeopathy

Surprisingly enough, homeopathy has a lot of remedies to deal with depression without the side effects. Some of the medicines suited to the homeopathic treatment for depression include:

a. Natrum Muriatricum
This is by far the best homeopathy medicine for depression. There is a strong history of long-lasting grief and an inability to express it. The person prefers to keep to themselves and hates any kind of sympathy or affection shown towards them since it brings back old memories of the pain they had once suffered from.

b. Aurum Metallicum
It is an excellent homeopathy medicine for depression in patients who are drowning in guilt. They always feel that they have done something terrible and are not worthy of living.

c. Kalium Phosphoricum
This is a suitable remedy for those who have been exhausted by working too hard. There is mental overwork and debility that push them towards depression. The nerves of the body feel completely exhausted and weak.

d. Ignatia Amara
It is suitable for persons suffering from acute grief. They are sensitive by nature and take everything to heart. There is frequent yawning or sighing and a sensation of a lump in the throat that makes them unable to express themselves.

e. Pulsatilla Pratensis
People suited to Pulsatilla are sensitive and childlike by nature. They need a lot of attention and affection and are easily hurt. They may get jealous and may throw a tantrum for the same.

f. Bryonia Alba
It is a suitable remedy for those who suffer from depression after business losses and are unable to cope with it.

These are just a few tips to help you deal with depression. If you feel that things are getting out of hand for you or for someone you may know, then it is best to contact a professional and seek medical help.

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