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Kali phosphoricum CH

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Kalium phosphoricum is made from genuine raw materials, back potency and expensive and purest form of alcohol, namely Extra Neutral Alcohol (ENA).

The use of genuine raw materials, back potency and expensive and purest form of alcohol, namely Extra Neutral Alcohol (ENA) make Schwabe India dilutions superior to other dilutions available in the market. Extra Neutral Alcohol guarantees that the dilutions and mother tinctures are free from impurities. Drug potentisation is done using the Hahnemannian method, which was introduced by Dr. Hahnemann himself and followed by Dr. Willmar Schwabe from the beginning.

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6CH 30ml, 12CH 30ml, 30CH 30ml, 200CH 30ml, 1M 30ml, 10M 10ml, 50M 10ml, CM 10ml

It is one of the greatest nerve remedies in homoeopathy. It is useful in marked nervous prostration, disturbance of the sympathetic nervous system, neurasthenia, mental and physical depression, gangrenous conditions, suspected malignant tumors and delayed labor.

Head: Pain in the occipital region after rising. Dizzy feeling from lying down, on standing up, from sitting, and when looking upward. It is indicated for headache of students from fatigue with weary, empty, gone sensation at the stomach.

Eyes: Dimness and weakness of sight with loss of perceptive power after exhausting fevers and infection of throat. Weakness of muscles of the eyelids with drooping.

Mouth: Offensive, fetid breath from mouth with dryness and brown coated tongue. Pain in the teeth with spongy, retracting and bleeding gums.

Female: Too late or too scanty or too profuse discharge of dark, thin and non-coagulating bleeding with offensive odor. It is indicated when the labor pains are feeble and ineffectual.

Extremities: Numbness and lameness in back and extremities which gets worse from exertion. Neuralgic pains, with depression followed by exhaustion.
Modalities: Worse from excitement, worry, mental and physical exertion, eating, cold, early morning. Better from warmth, rest, nourishment.

Dosage: Please note that the dosage of single homoeopathic medicines varies from drug to drug depending upon the condition, age, sensitivity and other things. In some cases they are given as regular doses as 3-5 drops 2-3 times a day whereas in other cases they are given only once in a week, month or even in a longer period. We strongly recommend that the medication should be taken as per the physician’s advice.

Other symptoms are also found in:

  • Mind?
  • Ears?
  • Nose
  • Face
  • Male
  • Urinary Organs
  • Fever?
  • Respiratory
  • Stomach
  • Abdomen

Alcohol: There is no reported safety concern if it is taken with alcohol.

Pregnancy: It is safe to take during pregnancy.

Driving: It is safe to use during driving.

Breastfeeding/Lactation: It can be used while breastfeeding/lactation.

Kidney: There is no known contraindication with kidney diseases.

Liver: It is safe for the liver.

High blood pressure/Hypertension: It is safe to use in patients with hypertension.

Low blood pressure: It will not lower the blood pressure.

Heart: It does not contain any ingredient which will affect the heart.

Mentally retarded: There is no known contraindication with mentally retarded persons.

Post covid impacts: There is no known contraindication with post covid impacts.

Diarrhea: It will not cause any diarrhea.

Gastric: There are no known effects on the gastrointestinal system.

Empty stomach: It is preferably to be taken after a meal.

Skin allergy: There is no skin allergy when using Kalium phosphoricum.

Habit: It is not a habit-forming product.

Overdose: In case of overdose, drink lots of water or consult a physician.

Storage: It has to be stored in a cool dark place, away from sunlight and strong-smelling substances.

Temperature: The temperature should be 25 degrees centigrade.

Kalium phosphoricum is one of the tissue remedies which is an excellent remedy for nervous exhaustion and fatigue of the nervous system. It is prepared from the salt potassium phosphate which is present in nerves, brain, muscle and blood cells of the body. It is highly recommended in complaints due to overexcitement, over use or stress from worries.

Yes, it is suitable for children.

It has to be taken as long as the symptoms are better or as prescribed by the physician.

Yes, it is safe to take Kalium phosphoricum.

No, it will not produce any dryness of the mouth.

Kalium phosphoricum is a widely used remedy for nervous troubles such as nervous exhaustion, stress and sleeplessness. It is useful in combating mental and physical fatigue. It is also a remedy for headaches, migraine, anxiety and muscle weakness. It is an excellent remedy for exam stress and nervous diarrhoea. It strengthens mental and physical abilities.

The medicine is to be taken as 2-4 tablets twice daily for adults and 1-2 tablets for children or as directed by the physician.

Kalium phosphoricum is one of the greatest nerve remedies indicated in prostration, weakness and tiredness, especially for young adults. There is marked action on the sympathetic nervous system. It is suitable for conditions arising from want of nerve power, neurasthenia, and mental and physical depression. The symptoms are due to excitement, overwork and worry. It is also best for gangrenous and cancer conditions. It is indicated in anxiety, nervous dread, lethargy, extreme lassitude and depression. It is helpful in cases of brain fag, hysteria, night terrors, somnambulance, loss of memory and great despondency. It is indicated in headaches in the occipital region, cerebral anaemia, the headache of students and an empty gone feeling in the stomach. The eyes are weak and have vision abnormalities, loss of perceptive power and drooping of eyelids. The throat is sore and gangrenous. It is indicated in the weakness of the bladder, asthma, and paralytic conditions of the back and extremities.

No side effects have been reported so far.

It is not a problem if you skip a few doses, but avoid taking double doses.

Five phos, Calcarea phosphoricum, Ginseng 1X, Alfalfa tonic, and Natrum muriaticum.

It contains Kalium phosphoricum in varied potencies 3X, 6X, 12X, 30X and 200X according to the packaging.

Manufactured in India by Dr. Willmar Schwabe India Pvt. Ltd. A-36, Sector-60, Uttar Pradesh, Noida – 201304.

Country of Origin: India.

Registered office Address: Dr. Willmar Schwabe India Pvt. Ltd. H-36, Green Park Extension, New Delhi, Pin: 110016.


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