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Ten Precautions for Asthma Patients

Asthma is a respiratory disorder which results from the hypersensitivity of the person’s airways. It occurs usually in response to a stimulus commonly known as an allergen which causes the airway to swell, get inflamed and have increased production of mucus making breathing difficult.

There is a sudden surge in asthma along with other pulmonary disorders in the last few decades in India. It is mainly due to the changes in lifestyle as well as an increase in air pollutants around us. Such a situation makes both primordial modes of prevention and precautions equally important as much as treatment.

A few of the precautions for asthma are:

1. Avoid dampness

Dampness and humidity are the prime reasons for triggering respiratory troubles along with decreasing the overall vigour and health of the person. Allow sunlight inside the rooms of your home especially the bedrooms, open curtains and windows regularly and choose well-ventilated rooms to sleep in.

2. Remove dust using a cloth or vacuum cleaner

Removing dust using a cloth or vacuum cleaner reduces its chances of being flown up and away back into the room.

3. Avoid using carpets or stuffed toys

Objects with an affinity for dust and dander increase the risks of breathing difficulties.

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4. Make a No Smoking rule in the house

Cigarette smoke is probably the most dangerous allergen of all since it triggers many more problems than just asthma. A strict no-smoking rule in the house prevents second-hand inhalation.

5. Wash your pets frequently

Animals around you though increase the immunity of the person as per the hygiene hypothesis, animal dander, on the other hand, is responsible for many respiratory conditions. Avoid pets in your beds too.

6. Cover up well when going out in the cold

Cold air and low temperatures increase the constriction of airways making it difficult to breathe normally. Cover yourself well before going out in the cold.

7. Use an umbrella in the sun too

Not just in the rain, use an umbrella in the sun too to avoid overheating and triggering a response from your sinuses.

8. Use steam regularly

Steam inhalation helps relax the airways and improves mucus release.

9. Exercise regularly but not intensively

Although intense workouts are not advised as they may trigger the attack, regular relaxing exercises such as yoga and walking help improve breathing.

10. Remain Happy

Asthma is often triggered by emotions and although it is impractical to expect someone to always remain happy, spending time with loved ones and engaging in constructive and happy hobbies will help deal with them better.

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Homeopathic medicine for asthma

Of late, patients seeking homeopathic medicine for asthma in India are increasing. As per recent reports, 18 million people are affected in India with asthma. Since the conventional mode of treatment is limited to anti-allergic and steroidal preparations they have a limited impact in the long run. On the other hand, homeopathic medicine for asthma has had excellent results in this field and below mentioned are a few of the well-known remedies for the same:

1. Natrum sulphuricum: It is useful in cases of asthma triggered by dampness and humidity.

2. Nux vomica: There is constriction felt in the chest along with watery discharge from the nose and gastric troubles. Complaints are better by heat.

3. Pulsatilla nigricans: Breathing becomes difficult indoors and is better in the open air. The discharges are greenish yellow and there is a lack of thirst.

4. Arsenicum album: It is suitable for sensitive persons and those with food allergies. There is excessive chilliness and an increased thirst with restlessness.

5. Antimonium tartaricum: It is suitable for cases where there is excessive rattling heard from the chest due to thick mucus that is difficult to dislodge. It is one of the most frequently used homeopathic medicine for asthmatic cough.

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