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Take Care of Stomach by Avoiding These 6 Common Mistakes

Sometimes one might not realize that the lifetyle, foods and habits one is following may be harmful to the health. In majority of the cases, these are the leading causes of most stomach problems such as swelling, bloating, gas and constipation, etc. Resorting to homoeopathic medicine for constipation and other stomach related issues is a great option. However, below are common 6 mistakes to avoid to take care of your stomach –

1. Avoid Smoking – Smoking is known to weaken the muscle that controls the lower end of the oesophagus and allows acid to travel in the wromg direction back in the oesophagus. This can cause symptoms of heartburn and bring or increase the stomach ulcers and inflammatory conditions of the bowel. Smoking can also be a major cause for stomach cancer.

2. Lose the extra pounds – If you are overweight, you stomach fat puts pressure on the stomach and cause heartburn. Shedding some extra pounds may offer relief in digestive symptoms such as the acid related stomach complaints.

3. Don’t binge drink – Binge drinking refers to having more than 8 units of alcohol for men in one session and more than 6 units of alcohol for women. Moderate drinking won’t hurt your digestive system but binge drinking can increase the acid production in the stomach that can lead to heartburn and other digestive orders.

4. Not having enough water – Research suggest that one needs to have 2 litres of water a day. This isn’t any random amount. If you don’t have enough water it causes heavier digestion and difficulty in going to the washroom, also leading to constipation at times. Consuming homoeopathic medicine for constipation is a good alternative. However, avoid having more than one glass of water during the meals to avoid diluting the stomach’s pH and making digestion even more difficult.

5. Eating Too Much Fat On A Low Carb Diet – Such techniques can be very effective for taking food care of the stomach. Research suggests that this tends to reduce the appetite that leads to a decrease in the calorie intake.

6. Choose Lean Meats – Proteins are essential part of a healthy diet but the fatty cuts of meats lead to uncomfortable digestion. When one eats meat, select lean cuts such as skinless poultry.

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