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Best homeopathic medicine for acidity and gas ? Alpha Acid

The lifestyle of an individual changes from time to time. With the change of an era or life changing issues, the physical and mental toll on a person is conspicuous. They give way to various factors, such as untimely intake of food, increased stress levels and changes in hormones bringing about heartburn also termed as gas and acidity. It is caused mainly due to acids entering the esophagus, causing a disturbance in the digestive system as a whole. Following are some triggers which result in acidity:

      • Headaches
      • Vomiting
      • Nausea
      • Ulcers
      • Cramps
      • Indigestion
      • Bloating

Taking antacids was quite common before any homeopathic medicine for gas and acidity got introduced. Acridness and gastric trouble persist for a day or two but if it does exceed the time it becomes a critical issue. Even a common antacid is not advisable for more than two weeks.

Occasionally, antacids were also not successful hence Schwabe India formulated Alpha Acid to relieve a person from any of the predicaments above.

Alpha Acid is medicine prescribed for people suffering from hyperacidity. There are other medications such as Bio-combination no. 25 for milder acidity, Alpha-DP for digestion problems, Natrum Phosphoricum for hyperacidity and heartburn with gastric troubles, Dizester Herbal for Digestive Problem. All these medicines are available on Schwabe India online portal, one of the leading manufacturers of homeopathic medicines in India.

Using medicine is not everything. Controlling the diet of tea, coffee, spicy or stale food, alcohol, anxiety level and maintaining a healthy and timed diet will reduce the issue of acidity. If the vexing disorder keeps recurring, it is better to change the lifestyle altogether.

Despite taking countermeasures, it is highly advisable for a person to consult a doctor first before resorting to homeopathic medicine for gas and acidity.

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