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Probiotics for a healthy digestive system!!

A completely operative digestive system is an important part of healthy life. The food that we eat travels nearly 30 feet of the digestive tract, a process which takes more than 24 hours. Many digestive ingredients work together throughout the process to help break down and absorb the nutrients from food. But how to make sure your body has all it needs to process the food you eat? The two most important ingredients are digestive enzymes and probiotics for healthy digestion.

Improved digestion with Probiotics!

The probiotics are the helpful microbes which form the part of the human microbiome – all the microscopic organism residing in the body. They play a huge role in making you stay healthy, balance the blood sugar, regulate the immune system and maintain your weight.

Probiotics are not only of help to alleviate the harmful microorganisms but play a key role in the entire digestive process. When you chew and swallow the food going to the intestine, they break it into smaller components your body can absorb. The probiotics can produce their own enzymes enabling you to digest the food. Some strains of the probiotics produce lactase, which digest the lactose as it can cause temporary digestive issues such as gas and bloating. The probiotics enhance the overall absorption helping you take in the beneficial vitamins and minerals you need to survive and thrive on.

Steps to Optimal Digestion

If you feel the digestion is slow, these can help you get back on track –

1. Try fermented foods – Fermented foods such as yogurt, etc. offer a powerful one-two punch of the enzymes and probiotics. The fermented foods are digested partially by the time they hit the mouth making digestion easier.
2. Eat raw – The unprocessed and raw foods are brilliant sources of enzymes.
3. Combine the food properly – Keep in mind to eat the foods which combine together to improve your digestion greatly.
4. Supplements with Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes – Even the healthiest eater may not be able to take sufficient amount of probiotics and enzymes alone. This is why doctors and health experts recommend supplementing the digestive enzymes and high-quality probiotics.
5. Eat a few hours before you sleep – Waiting for at least 2-3 hours after you eat gives you the time to clean out and repair while you rest.

Schwabe’s Summer Digestive Combo effectively covers diarrhoea, gastric disturbances, difficulty in digestion and gas problems in general. Eating healthy along with taking supplemental probiotics enhances your digestion giving you the energy and live a healthier and more balanced life!

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