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Reasons why you are losing your hair

Losing a few strands of hair is normal. But, if you are facing severe hair loss then it may be a cause of concern. Sometimes there can be common causes of severe hair fall. Here are some of the causes of severe hair fall:

1) Thyroid Problems
The thyroid gland produces hormones that regulate our metabolism. An over or under production of hormones can be responsible for hair loss.

2) Scalp Infections
Any kind of scalp infection whether minor or major leads to hair fall. Severe scalp infections may also cause baldness.

3) Pregnancy
During pregnancy, the body of women undergoes several changes both externally and internally. This can cause hair fall as there are many hormones released.

4) Poor Diet
Lack of proteins, minerals, and vitamins causes hair fall. It is important that your body gets all these in proper quantity. Lack of these may lead to hair fall.

5) Hair Styling like heat styling
Excess of hair styling makes your hair weak and brittle causing severe hair loss. It is recommended that you keep heat styling at the minimal.

6) Alopecia Areata
It is an autoimmune condition, which causes severe hair fall and may also lead to baldness.

With proper medicines, diet, and changes in your lifestyle you can easily avoid hair fall. Apart from that, you must take care of your hair by properly oiling it from time to time. You may use ZAUBER?L?, the premium hair oil. It has significant potential for hair growth. It also maintains the follicular density, which then counters the Alopecia.

The effect of any hair care product depends on many factors like hormonal influence, personal hair care, environmental factors, nutrition intake, etc. You must take care of your hair properly along with providing proper nutrition to your body to minimize hair fall and get healthy and shiny locks.

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