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Cardiac Conditions and its Remedies

Cardiac disease also known as the heart disease is a broad term used for a number of conditions that affect the heart. There are various heart conditions that come under the umbrella of the cardiac disease. Some of the cardiac conditions are:?

Cardiovascular diseases:
These diseases affect the heart or the veins and arteries leading to and from the heart. Most common conditions that cause cardiovascular diseases are high blood pressure, diabetes, increased fats in the bloodetc.

Coronary heart disease:
A disease of the heart where the arteries are clogged by atheromatus plaques. The patient suffers from chest pain due to the insuffecient blood supply to the heart.

Congenital heart disease:
Structural problems of the heart present right from birth. The heart cannot function properly because it is incompletely or improperly developed.

Valvular heart disease:
Valves are flap-like structure at the openings of the atria and at the openings of the large blood vessels arising from the heart. They prevent the backflow of the blood. Any structural abnormalities bring multifold changes in the dynamics of the blood flow.

Hypertensive cardiomyopathy:
The heart disease caused by high blood pressure. High blood pressure increases the load acting on the heart. Factors causing this condition are coronary heart disease, congestive heart failure, irregular heart beats,etc.

You can use homeopathy for heart disease. It is effective.Please consult your homoeopathic physician for a suitable homoeopathic medicine for your heart problem.

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