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Lose your weight with Homeopathy

Losing weight refers to reduction in body mass which can be a result of mean loss of body fluids and/ or body fat. Loss of weight can be a result of nutritional deficiency, some underlying disease pathology or because of physical efforts to reduce weight intentionally in persons who are over-weight or obese. Weight loss due to some underlying medical condition is termed as cachexia whereas the intentional loss of weight is termed as slimming.

How we gain weight?

When the calories we expend are lesser than the calories intake and its storage, then there are high chances of gaining weight. This balance between expenditure and intake of calories depends upon many factors which include their genetic makeup, overeating, lack of physical exertion etc. Though there are some medical conditions also in which even after minimal intake of calories, the person gains weight due to slower metabolic rate, for example, in hypothyroidism.

Being overweight and its side-effects:

Major portion of a person’s body is concerned with his bones weight, muscle mass, fat and body water. Obesity or overweight is defined by excessive accumulation of fat in the body. One is said to be obese when the body weight is more than a certain limit in proportion to the height of the person concerned. This proportion is measured by Body Mass Index (BMI) of a person. This is calculated by dividing the weight of the concerned person in kilograms with the height of that person in meter square (weight in kilogram/ height in meter2). BMI more than 23 is considered as overweight.

Being overweight or being obese makes you prone for many diseases especially life-style disorders. Type-II Diabetes mellitus is one of the common diseases for which obese people are prone to. Other diseases are osteoarthritis of weight-bearing joints, e.g., knee joints etc., hypertension etc. It also makes you prone for heart diseases. These conditions can even prove fatal under long run and leads to substantial disability as well.

So, weight reduction is required to decrease the risk of developing many diseases including heart diseases. It also improves the physical fitness of the person. Weight reduction also helps to improve the general condition of the obese persons suffering from diabetes mellitus, hypothyroidism, osteoarthritis, etc.

How we can lose it?

Weight loss can be achieved by spending calories more than you consume. For this, a healthy lifestyle, including daily physical exercise, reduced carbohydrate intake along with monitoring of calories, has to be adopted. Diet should include more green leafy vegetables to increase roughage which retains water and tend to digest slowly and hence decreasing the hunger frequency. With the lower dietary intake, it also helps to maintain minerals and vitamin quantity in our body. It also helps in preventing constipation which is common when there is less intake of food. If the overweight is because of some disease, then their treatment and regulation are necessary to reduce weight. For example:

  • In hypothyroidism, thyroid hormone levels should be maintained within a standard limit by external intake of this hormone.
  • Patients suffering from diabetes mellitus should maintain their blood sugar levels to improve their general health condition and reduction in weight.

Alcoholic beverages should be avoided as they provide calories and increase the appetite as well. Sweets intake should be restricted and the habit of snacks between meals has to be avoided to cut off the extra calories and for effective weight loss as these are potential sources of higher calories.

Apart from such lifestyle changes, there are some Schwabe’s homeopathic medicines which can help in reduction of your weight. These Schwabe medicines to lose weight are described below:


Fucus Vesiculosus MT tabs are prepared as a mother tincture of a seaweed named as Fucus vesiculosus which is a native plant of North America, Europe, north of Midterranean and Manora rocks in Indian Ocean.
It is indicated in managing weight of people having thyroid dysfunction. Along with managing weight, it also helps in regulating digestive processes by reducing constipation and flatus accumulation.

Under thyroid dysfunction, it is particularly indicated for hypothyroidism or higher thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) lowers down the metabolic rate and thermogenesis. This leads to slower digestion resulting in constipation and accumulation of flatus.

Fucus vesiculosus helps in increasing the thermogenesis and basal metabolic rate of body. Hence it helps in reducing weight by increasing thermogenesis as well as in regulation of digestion processes, by reducing constipation and flatus accumulation.


These tablets are made from phytolacca berry plant?s fresh berrys which is a native of North America. This medicine is proved to be effective in weight loss by influencing digestion and absorption capacity of body. Also, it helps to reduce acidity and weakness which comes due to lower food intake as the hunger drive itself reduces. It can also be given to ladies who gain weight after delivery. So, along with moderate exercise and dietary modification combined with these tabs helps to reduce weight effectively and faster. It also helps by preventing obesity and its consequences.

Phytolacca berry contains caryophyllene, phytolacanin, phytolaccin, isobetanine, prebetanine, and salts of phytolaccic acids. These salts have therapeutic properties which have a marked action on digestion and absorption of food and helps in lowering the ingestion of food. It also helps in lowering down the stuporous mental condition and weariness of the consumer.

These tablets are indicated to regulate fat metabolism, reducing the weight by controlling appetite and maintenance of their weight without becoming weak. There are no known side-effects of this drug. Until and unless specified by the physician, it can be taken 1 to 2 tablets, 3 times a day safely over a considerable period of time.


Obesity is one of the leading problem arising now-a-days due to indolent life-style, which is a potential risk factor for many dangerous diseases and also leads to reduction in quality of life of the person in itself. So, weight loss is essential to avoid such risk factors, which can be achieved by dietary restrictions, moderate exercises and homeopathic medicines such as Fucus vesiculosus and Phytolacca berry tabs. These homeopathic medicines can help you in losing weight speedily, effectively and does not let you become weak even after the reduction of meals and exercises.

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