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Hair Fall: Habits to Avoid and Adopt

It’s natural to get depressed after seeing loads of hair on your hair brush. Hair fall is a common problem most of us face. Here are some habits that you should adapt and avoid to come out of this hair fall dilemma by some easy measures and ways immensely reducing hairfall and hair thinning.

Avoid –

1. Combing wet hair – Avoid combing your hair right after a hair wash when your hair are still wet. If you want to detangle your hair, use a wide tooth brush. This reduces the risk of hair breakage and hair fall while combing.

2. Avoid Junk Food – If you want your hair fall to stop, then say a big ‘NO’ to junk food. Junk food is just free calories and does no good. Instead, incorporate a mineral and protein filled diet.

3. Never over wash your hair – Your hair needs to be washed at regular intervals in order to get rid of dirt and pollution. Over washing your hair will strip away the dirt and the necessary oils. Use the best hair growth oil for proper nourishment.

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1. Regular Oiling- Get a nice hot oil massage at least once a week. Rub the oil in your scalp and leave it overnight to help restore moisture and replenish the hair roots providing sufficient nourishment. You can use Schwabe’s Zauberol giving effective results which is considered as one of the best hair growth oils.

2. Give protein to your hair – Our hairs are made of protein so its is necessary to add a sufficient amount of protein to your diet. One of the main reasons for hair loss is protein deficiency so never lose your hair because of lack of protein in your diet.

3. Maintain a healthy scalp – You need to maintain a healthy scalp to combat hairfall. Flaky scalp or excessive dandruff is one of the reasons for acute hairfall. So make sure you are away from these scalp problems? and use good quality shampoos and best hair growth oil.

Reading the above tips may give you a feeling that the tips are easy. However, no matter how easy a process sounds incorporating it in the daily routine is a necessity. Make a habit of taking good care of your hair and changing the lifestyle to include a good diet and regular exercising for body and mind to get the hair you have been longing for.

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