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Top 5 reasons of scalp itching in summers

Itchy scalp is a condition that is very uncomfortable and embarassing. This can take a toll on your self-esteem. However, its not always one factor but a bunch of them that leads to such a condition. Several anti dandruff shampoos are available in the market to cure dandruff and other conditions. Here is a list of a few top reasons of scalp itching in summers –

1) Dandruff – Most of the people experience dandruff atleast once or more in their life. Dandruff is usually common in individuals from adolescence to about the age of 50, when the glands are most active. They are fine white and gray scales that are found on the scalp accompanied by an itching sensation. However, various anti dandruff shampoo are available in the market that can solve the issue such as Schwabe’s B&T anti dandruff shampoo.

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2) Dry Skin – Dry skin on the scalp during summers is very common, especially during the winters. It sometimes leads to flaky scalp. Some scalp oils can be used at home to fight this issue or a visit to a salon. Taking professional scalp treatment also helps. Your shampoo also plays a major role. B&T anti dandruff shampoo is specially designed to control itching and flaking after regular use.

3) Fungal Infections – Fungal infections are more common in children than adults and is very itchy. The skin develops scaly, dry, red patches. In cases of severe fungal infections, it can cause acute hair loss. However, Anti dandruff shampoo may not be enough and immediately demand medical treatment.

4) Allergic reactions – Even after using a shampoo continuously for years, one can still develop an allergic reaction to it and end up with an itchy scalp. Such kind of allergic reactions may not only result in allergic reactions but also swollen eyelids. Your long trusted anti dandruff shampoo may also lead to certain reactions. However, dermatologist perform a special test to determine what product the other is allergic too.

5) Head Lice – This is an extremely communicable disease causing itching when an insect gets on the scalp. Some patients with lice also get dry skin behind their ears and back of the neck. B&T anti dandruff shampoo is a powerful shampoo designed to treat dandruff and other fungal infections on regular use. For best results, use it along with B&T anti-dandruff oil.

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