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Top 5 mistakes causing dandruff in your hair!

Dandruff is a condition which causes the flakes of skin to appear on the scalp. It is usually accompanied by itching as well. Here are a few rampant mistakes which lead to dandruff –

1. Dirty Scalp – The dirty scalp marks the collection of dirt and the dead skin cells. This leads to causing dandruff in two ways – firstly, the dead skin cells present in excess begin to shed causing dandruff troubles. Secondly, dirty scalp attracts a lot of microbes causing or aggravating dandruff due to the fungal growth and yeast formation. The easiest way to avoid this is by ensuring that you wash your hair at regular intervals and keep the scalp clean.

2. Eating unhealthy food – It is not unknown that healthy skin and hair come from inside out. Certain foods may aggravate your dandruff condition if you are prone to it. Foods high in saturated fats cause the glands to produce more oil making the condition worse. Hence, you should try to eat healthy fatty acids whenever possible. Some great options are olives and nuts. Load up yourself on Vitamin B-rich foods such as rice, eggs and bananas.

3. Stress – No one really cares about this, but due to lack of adequate time and modern lifestyles, mental stress causes dandruff. The best way to get stress is to sleep for at least 8 hours. A healthy massage on regular intervals also helps you to stress out.

4. Overstyling your hair – Another common mistake that people make is overstyling the hair using thick and certain hairdressing oils which can initiate or worsen the condition. You should cut back on the use of hair sprays and styling gels if possible if you feel it is one of the reasons for dandruff. These products build on your hair and cause oiliness producing dandruff.

5. Regular shampooing and skin care products – Many hair care products may trigger a red, itchy and a scaly scalp. The frequent shampooing may also cause dandruff as the continuous chemicals irritate the scalp. Some say that shampooing enough causes a buildup of oil and dead skin cells which cause dandruff but evidence is lacking that it is true. Nevertheless, in such cases of shampooing aggravating the dandruff, one can try herbal powders like shikakai.

However, homeopathic medicine for dandruff is a great idea and focuses on treating the condition in totality. The conventional treatment usually treats the end result rather than eradicating the root cause. The homeopathic treatment alters the activity of the scalp tissue and slows down the multiplication of the cells. Schwabe?s homeopathic medicines for dandruff such as Cochlearia armoracia MT and Kalium Sulphuricum 6x along with proper oil and shampoos are known to have shown effective results. These medicines address the underlying intrinsic factors while treating dandruff. Relaxation techniques make relieve stress, which cause dandruff. But if the dandruff is continuous concern, contact your physician.

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