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Homeopathy Is an Effective Solution to Obesity!!

Obesity can be described as the most common cause of distress for people of all age groups. It is a condition of excessive accumulation of fat in the body due to the intake of food in excess of the requirements.

There is no miracle treatment for obesity though homeopathy has been successfully employed as a mode of treatment for many years now. The homeopathic treatment for losing weight is using both constitutional and disease-targeted approaches. It requires a detailed case history of the patients and analysis for selecting a suitable constitutional remedy. The main causes for weight gain include depression, the slow activity of the intestines, thyroid, unhealthy habits and modern lifestyle. Homeopathic medicine for obesity is proficient in directing all the symptoms of obesity and plays a vital role in lowering the effect of the condition. These medicines are prescribed on the basis of the emotional, physical and genetic makeup individualizing a person. This approach works at the root level of the problem.

The constitutional homeopathic medicine for obesity is not fat dissolving by nature but stimulates the body’s tendency to burn more fat.

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On the other side, disease targeted approach specifically helps to reduce excessive weight by stimulating the metabolism, influencing the hunger pattern, etc. For example, Phytolacca Berry Tablets used in homoeopathy is the one which stimulates the metabolism and influence the hunger pattern positively. It is prescribed by physicians primarily because of its effectiveness for weight management validated by both history and technology. It has shown good results without affecting general health. Made from the fresh berries of Phytolacca which are imported from North America, Phytolacca Berry Tablets lower the intake of food influencing digestion and absorption. It has also been shown to reduce hyperacidity and weakness associated with lowered food intake. Researchers have found that the weight-reducing effect is mainly because of a glycoprotein present in the drug.

Phytolacca Berry Tablets*

But remember, homeopathic medicines alone are not a solution for weight loss. Exercise also plays a significant role. In fact, a combination of homeopathic treatment along with exercise and a healthy lifestyle can help curb the problem effectively. The most effectual weight loss solutions highlight that diet, exercise and behavioural changes are more important along with the medications. Whether you opt for a natural weight loss or herbal weight loss, you have to follow a strict diet and exercise in combination with the remedy or herbs.

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