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Pick The Right Hair Growth Oil For You

These days there are plenty of hair nourishing oils available in the market. Each of them is enriched with some nutrients, natural components, herbs and much more. But are they genuinely right for your hair type? The question arises that whether you are aware of the kind of hair you are having? Most of the times people are either unaware or they ignore it. If you do not know what suits your tresses then how you will find the right elixir to sustain its long life? After so many questions here comes all the answers. We bring you some of the best hair growth oils for different kinds of locks. Just define the category and choose the best one. So, here is the list:

1. Argan oil- Argan is rich in fatty acids and Vitamin E. That is the best part of this oil. It helps in turning the dry, coarse and unruly hairs into soft, shiny and flawless locks.

2. The evergreen coconut oil- People often call it multi task lotion for head to toe. The only function is to keep the tresses healthy, provide nutrition to the scalp and maintain the same need of carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals for better extension and slowing down the breakage.

3. Almond Oil- The perfect remedy for dandruff. It has antioxidants, vitamin E, fatty acids, and plenty of proteins. All of them boost the hair growth and reduce damaging and breakage. A regular massage with this oil reduces the inflammation, redness, and dandruff.

4. Jojoba Oil- No doubts, it is least sticky and lightest of the oils. It is absorbed by the scalp immediately. The antibacterial properties help in moisturizing & spurring and improvethe scalp health. The best hair growth oil is that which penetrates deep into each hair follicles and at the same time condition them.

5. Extra Virgin Hair oil- Its primary role is to provide nourishment, protect and moisturize. The presence of Vitamin B, D, and E helps in combating dandruff and controls hair fall. Restores the hair and seals the fissure ends without any harmful effects.

Nowadays, people prefer massaging with thyme and rosemary essentials, avocado and arnica oils and much more. Each of them is coming with added benefits like, to eliminate dandruff, provide length, thickness, shine, volume and more. On the other hand, the new generation serums are popular amongst the adults. They aren’t sticky, in fact, they are lightweight, silky and treat many problems in a one go. Just be careful while using some of these products. It might cause allergy to your hair and skin, increase the hair fall, etc.. Choosing the best hair growth oil is a bit difficult but not impossible. Pick the right one wisely!

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