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Myths and Facts of Painful Menstruation!

We give periods many unwanted names such as ‘crimson wave’ or ‘that time of the month’ that mystify and hide the natural process through which women go through every month. However, understanding this is female process is extremely important!!. For some it may be smooth, but for many it may be troublesome with excessive bleeding, pain, etc. Dysmenorrhoea is the term used for painful menstruation. People resort to homeopathic medicine for painful menstruation.?

Myths –

1. PMS is all in the head – Periods are characterised by a variety of symptoms that usually begin a week or two before menstruation. The symptoms include acne, headaches, bloating, weight gain, food cravings, mood swings, depression, anxiety and breast tenderness.

2. You shouldn’t exercise during your period – Some women feel that exercising before and during your periods can improve your mood and reduce your cramps whereas some just prefer sitting in the bed.

3. Tampons can get lost in the vagina – Nothing can get ‘lost’ in your vagina. The average vagina is 3-4 inches long and cervix is the opening at the other end.But cervix is too small to get tampons stuck.. However by any chance it gets stuck, a doctor or a nurse can help.

4. You are supposed to get your periods by a certain age ? This is a very common myth but the fact is that there is no normal age for a first period and girls usually typically begin menstruating anywhere between 9 and 15 years old. But if there is no sign of your period by the time you are 15, it is important to visit a doctor.

5. Menstrual blood is different from regular blood ? Blood is blood. People believe that menstrual blood is dirty but there is no such thing. The only difference that exists is that the colour and thickness may change depending on the day of the cycle as well as the hormone level.

Facts –

1. Too much bleeding ? For women facing heavy bleeding that go on past 7 days may mean that something is wrong, For many women and teens, this can be regulated through birth control but you should visit a doctor to find the exact reason.

2. Your period shouldn’t stop you from living life normally – If your pain or bleeding disrupts your normal life, then you should seek medical help. It may be as easy as regulating with birth control or changing lifestyle to make your periods more manageable.

3. When your mom started menopause matters for you ? The age your mother began menopause is the best indicator for when you will start.

4. You can get pregnant during your period ? Many women see their period as a safe time to have unprotected intercourse but it is very much a possibility while menstruating. However, using safe intercourse habits can help prevent unwanted STDs and pregnancies.



However, there is a good homeopathic medicine for painful menstruation. Medicines such as Magnesium Phosporicum Pentarkan, Biocombination No 5, Agnus Castus Pentarkan have proved to be effective solutions for painful menstruation and associated problems.

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