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Fight Diabetes With These 5 Natural Remedies!

Millions of people with diabetes are dealing with health problems every single day. If diabetes is not given the due attention, it might lead to blindness, kidney disease, infections, heart disease, blood vessel damage, etc. There is an entire list of home and homeopathic medicines for diabetes including changes in the food styles and blood sugar levels. Having a pill for every illness is the path that we follow for most lifestyle diseases.


Having a pill for every illness is a common step we take for most of the lifestyle details. We tend to completely ignore the fact that nature and homeopathy offer some of the best medicines. We try to eliminate the causes of the disease rather than just controlling problems and symptoms with medicines that come with innumerable side effects. Here are a few natural ways to fight diabetes –

1. Basil leaves – Basil leaves can lower blood sugar levels. They contain potent antioxidants that relieve oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is what compunds problems in diabetics.

2. Drumstick leaves – The fibre content in the drumstick leaves increases satiety and slows the breakdown of the food. This a very effective remedy to combat diabetes.

3. Consume real food rather than processed food – Real foods such as fruits, fish, vegetables, meat, seeds and nuts will help you to avoid refined carbohydrates, fats and adds sugar all of which are responsible for the unhealthy weight gain and increases the risk of diabetes.

4. Meditation – Meditation reduces the insulin resistance in our body. Stress hormones intensify the insulin and glucose production. Reducing these through meditation helps to balance glucose and insulin in the blood. This also helps to normalize metabolic syndrome and diabetes.

5. Homeopathic medicine for diabetes – There are many effective homeopathic medicines for diabetes such as Biocombination 07, Abromo Augusta, SYZYGIUM JAMBOLANUM MT, etc. These have given considerable result in if not in eradicating but managing the illness.

While these 5 remedies for diabetes for some, they might not be effective for each and every person suffering from diabetes as our body types are different.

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