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Beat the summer ailments with homoeopathic remedies

Summer always comes with some specific ailments in some specific individuals. These ailments are from simple acne to severe nervous exhaustion. Usually headache is the first symptom that appears due to summer. Other symptoms are sunburn, prickly heat, excessive sweating of hands and palms, cramps due to dehydration and subsequent lowered levels of salts in the body and exhaustion. Care is to be taken at the time of appearance of symptoms itself to avoid emergency.

Summer headache may start immediately after a person gets exposure to Sun or late in the evening. Instant medication can help to reduce the pain. This individualistic problem needs specific remedy.
Remedial measures ? Alpha HA

Sunburn occurs when the skin is exposed to the sun with the symptoms of pain and redness. The pain gets worse from 6 to 48 hours after sun exposure. In severe sunburns, blistering of the skin may occur.
Remedial Measure- B&T Sunscreen Expert

Prickly heat is a result of blockage of pores of the sweat glands due to hot / humid weather. Because the blocked glands cannot clear the sweat, red bumps and blisters are formed. Washing with cold water may reduce the severity of sunburn and prickly heat. Drinking lots of water, fruit juice, tender coconut, etc. will also minimize the effect of heat.

Excessive sweat or hyperidrosis is due to overactive sweat glands, usually of hands, feet and armpits. This uncontrollable sweat causes physical discomfort and may also affects have psychological.
Remedial Measure- Hypericum 1x.

Muscle cramp in summer is due to dehydration and follwing loss of salts especially magnesium and calcium. Slow stretching of muscle and medication like Alpha-MP, Magnesium phosphoricum 6x will give relief. Some people may feel severe nervous exhaustion due to loss of fluids by sweating.

General measures like drinking plenty of water and electrolyte drinks, eating much fruits and vegetables will help to cope up with the summer.

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