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6 Tips To Maintain Thick & Shiny Hair

Everyone loves thick, black, and shiny locks. Even men love smooth hair. But the sedentary lifestyle and harsh chemical based products are making thick and shiny hair a dream. If the shedding is beyond 100 strands on a daily basis., it?s a signal. You need to wake up and look for remedies to restrict this hair fall. Because when you find? hair in the comb or in clothes or in the floor of the toilet, it becomes a major issue of concern.?

Hair experts say that there are plenty of factors for dropping hair line and bald spots. It may be due to the environment, aging, stress, smoking, deficiency of a particular vitamin or mineral, improper diet, genetic factors, scalp infections, a side effect of medicine, harsh shampoo and much more. The list is endless, but we have certain remedies like the best anti dandruff shampoo? with herbal homoeopathic ingredients from homeopathy range to prevent this hair fall and make them thick and noticeable.

1. A healthy and balanced diet. Proteins are the biggest source of nutrients that stimulate hair growth. Including food items like cheese, milk, nuts, eggs, grains, beans, fish in your daily diet which will help you a lot.

2. Don’t ignore the environmental factors. Exposure to pollution, direct sunlight, humidity causes damage to hair. Cover your hair with a scarf, do oiling and conditioning to reduce the adverse effects of these pollutants.

3. Restrict the use of straighteners. These artificial products give quick looks but leave you in the middle of side effects, damaged hair, dandruff, and other issues. So avoid blow drying, curling, and coloring.

4. Shampoo- Before choosing the shampoo, it is better to know your hair type. The kind of hair may be extra oily, dry, damaged or suffering from white flakes. B&T offers one of the best anti dandruff shampoo. It has the power of Lavendula, Saponaria, and Urtica which treats dandruff and controls itching and flaking on regular use. ?

5. Oiling- Oiling is the key element. Use pure coconut oil or B & T 7oL oil that has the rich benefits of almond, argan, olive, jojoba, walnut and amla all in one oil. It helps in nourishing the scalp and increases the blood circulation which strengthens the hair.

6. Hair packs- Yes, hair also needs soothing packs just like your face needs. Make packs with egg whites and olive oils and apply it on the hair once in every 15 days. Use henna with honey and lemon and give a natural bounce to your locks. It provides nourishment.

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