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Asthma On The Rise – Homeopathy Can Help

Asthma is one of the most common diseases in the world, with a rapid increase in the number of sufferers each year. The typical symptoms of Asthma are shortness of breath, wheezing, coughing, and tightness in the chest. It is a distressing condition with disruption n the normal breathing pattern. Pollution is said to be one the major factor in the rise of this condition yet asthma and allergies are 8-10 times more common in developed countries than in the developing world. This makes the situation baffling while considering the air quality and pollutants, as the rise of these respiratory conditions is worse in those countries that are not or least affected by pollution.

Causes of Asthma

A genetic factor is one of the most important reasons for developing asthma. But other factors, such as air pollution and diet, obesity, and less physical activity also seem to be related to asthma. Kids often tend to get respiratory infections such as colds, coughs kids will inevitably get sick with a cold. But taking frequent antibiotics affects their immune response and this could actually increase their resistance to them and increase the risk of asthma. Smoking whether active or passive, smoke pollution and strong odours, pet dander, mould, pollen, dust mites, exercise, pests like roaches and mice, some foods, and changes in the weather are some of the triggers for asthmatic attacks. Stress and too much exercise also can cause asthma.

One of the most popular theories about the cause of asthma is the “hygiene hypothesis” which states that over-sanitizing a child’s environment can lead to decreased disease resistance.

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Preventive measures to avoid the triggers

1. Avoid smoking
2. Avoid strong chemicals and fragrances.
3. Avoid pets on furniture, beds, and toys.
4. Avoid food that triggers the attacks. Take note of them and stay away from them.
5. Dust the house and things with a wet cloth
6. Regular cleaning and ducting of the house, car and furniture.
7. Avoid high-emotional stress

Managing Asthma

Asthma though mostly not curable completely, can be kept in check through many ways.
1. Mediation and yoga
2. Breathing exercises
3. Proper food and diet
4. Healthy and clean lifestyle
5. Regular medications.
6. Monitoring.
7. Trigger avoidance.
8. Mild exercise.

Homeopathic management of Asthma

Homeopathic medicines for asthma are the safest and most effective way of treating symptoms of asthma and other respiratory infections. They are prepared from natural sources and are harmless without any side effects. Some of the best homeopathic remedies for asthma are Schwabe India’s Blatta orientalis MT, Grindelia MT, Aralia racemosa MT, Swertia chirata MT, Justicia Athatoda MT, etc. Other homeopathic medicines for asthma symptoms are Arsenicum album, Spongia tosta, Antimonium tartaricum, Bromium, Drosera, Cactus grandiflorus, etc.

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