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5 Homeopathic Remedies for Urine Infection

Urinary tract infection or UTI is one of the very common infections of the urinary tract. The infection tends to recur quite frequently in some individuals. Homeopathic remedies for urine infection have a major role in curing the infection and also in stopping their recurrence. Moreover, homeopathic medicines are very safe and they do not have any side effects. Homeopathic medicine for e-coli infection are effective in treating the infection. Once treated with homeopathic medicines recurrence of Urinary Tract Infection greatly reduces and eventually stops.?

The top five homeopathic remedies for treating UTI are:

1. Cantharis is the most effective homeopathic remedy for a urine infection. Cantharis has been a very helpful homeopathic medicine in treating cases of UTIs in people who have recently had an attack of streptococcal infections. This medicine can also be used in treating cases where there is a recurrence.

2. Merc Cor is another good homeopathic Remedy for acute cases of UTIs. This medicine can be thought of in cases where the patient is unable to pass urine or has to put in a lot of effort for the same. This medicine can also be expected to give good results in recurrent UTIs in advanced stages of pregnancy. ?

3. Sulphur ranks the top grade medicine when treating chronic UTI. The patient has an unusual desire to pass urine at night. The most characteristic symptom that indicates the use of Sulphur is the great burning sensation while passing urine. It is one of the best homeopathic medicine for urine infection.

4. Clemetis Erecta is very effective for urine infections in Patients who have suffered from sexually transmitted diseases.

5. Coli Bacillinum is a specific homeopathic medicine for e-coli infection. It helps in treating the recurrence of E coli Infection. E coli is a bacteria which is responsible for the recurrent of the UTI.?

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